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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


Note: This calculator is for estimating purposes only. We recommend employing a professional wallcovering installer to calculate the yardage requirements for your project(s). LEVEY Wallcoverings is not responsible for quantities ordered based on this calculator.

Know your wall height and total width? Enter them into our Yardage Calculator to estimate how may linear yards to order. Allow for additional height (and sometimes width) based on larger patterns.

How to use the yardage calculator to estimate the linear yards required for a project

HEIGHT: First, measure the height of your walls. (Unless your project includes walls of extreme variances in height, this measurement need only be taken once.)

WIDTH: Second, measure the width of your first wall, second wall and so on. Total these measurements.

TOTAL LINEAR YARDS: Input the height and your width (total) into the Yardage Calculator for the total linear yards of 52" or 54" material required. Note: For projects with walls of different heights, combine the widths of walls of the same height and enter into the calculate separately. For the most accurate measurement, we recommend consulting a professional wallcovering installer. Contact LEVEY for certified installers in your area.


Wallcovering Yardage Calculator