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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


3M DI-NOC Wallcovering Levey Industries

What makes 3M™ DI - NOC™ Architectural Film Better?

Aesthetics: 3M™ DI - NOC™ Architectural Film resembles natural materials and other types of surfaces to an astonishing degree. They deliver the look you want, at the price you need.

Easy application: 3M™ Comply Adhesive Technology is repositionable and virtually eliminates bubbles, simplifying and speeding application. Yet it bonds powerfully to virtually any media.

Why you should insist on 3M™ DI - NOC™ Architectural Film?

For renovations: Lightweight and self-adhering, 3M™ DI - NOC™ Architectural Film can be applied in situ to the existing media, reducing installation costs. With 3M™ DI - NOC™ Architectural Film, you create a whole new look...quickly. But not at the expense of aesthetics, thanks to its uncanny resemblance to natural materials.

For new construction: Perhaps you prefer the authenticity of real wood, metal or stone. That's only natural. Use them for select areas. Specify 3M™ DI - NOC™ Architectural Films everywhere else. You'll get cost savings, speed of application, durability - and still maintain the aesthetic look you desire.

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