Our everWalls collection includes the following products:

everWalls Dry Erase Wallcovering from Levey

For 20 years, Levey has been the service leader and stocking distributor for dry erase wallcovering and coatings, manufacturing and distribution. Naturally, we have jumped at the opportunity to now offer you a new and better product: everWalls®. A collection of dry erase wallcoverings and accessories all covered by a 10 year limited warranty and vastly superior and competitively priced to any dry erase vinyl wallcovering available on the market today.

everWalls surfaces are:

  • Easy to install and clean with no permanent ghosting
  • Class A fire rating for commercial installations
  • Custom fit to entire floor to ceiling wall applications
  • Laminated film technology provides greater durability
  • Will not yellow or delaminate over time
  • 10-year limited warranty