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IdeaPaint is a premium dry erase paint with a 10-year warranty, proven on the walls of some of the world's most innovative and successful companies. Propelling the space program at NASA, driving the mind giants at Google, and giving Apple the boundless space to dream a little bigger than most.

IdeaPaint is more than a tool; we enable off-site thinking on site. Day in, day out, it's a catalyst for working better.

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Levey True2500® is 5x more durable than any available standard eggshell paint.

True2500 Eggshell is a roll-on, durable waterbased coating designed for use in commercial spaces as an alternative/upgrade to available acrylic or latex paint when high hide, expanded stain resistance and cleaning characteristics are required.

True2500 private brand paint offers a beautiful array of fashion forward colours, or send us the colour of your choice and we'll match it!

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