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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.

March 30, 2020

Actions to protect you while we continue to serve you well during these times

We are concerned about the developing issues related to coronavirus COVID-19 and wanted to take a minute to share an update about what we're doing as a company to ensure our services to you continue without interruption and with everyone's safety top of mind.

LEVEY is in an excellent position to continue to provide services to our customers, thanks to our workforce that is fully outfitted to work from home. In fact, over the course of these past weeks many of you have spoken and shared with us from the safety of your own homes. Staying engaged and reaching out to each other does two important things; supports our businesses while keeping us involved with our old and our new daily lives. We welcome your calls and interactions with us and thank all of you who have reached out. Although we miss seeing you in person, we have continued to serve customer inquiries via phone, email and Zoom video/screen sharing without significant impact to service and information distribution.

In areas where work from home is not possible, such as with our own remote multi-faceted digital printing and manufacturing centre and foreign based manufacturing partners, we have put in place health and safety procedures in strict accordance with federal, provincial and municipal health regulations. These procedures apply to all logistics and ongoing sample requests-fulfillment.

We will continue to follow all of the directives of all levels of our government and heed updates issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and we will update you if anything else changes as this worldwide crisis evolves. LEVEY takes very seriously the health and safety initiatives covered in government issued directives related to the COVID-19 pandemic and our strategic role of safely connecting with and supplying the Architecture and Design community.

Please stay healthy, stay home and stay safe.

Silvana Levey
President and CEO

Silvana Levey, Levey Industries

Silvana Levey, CEO & President
LEVEY Industries