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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


Dear Clients,

Your highest success as talented Interior Designers is why we have dedicated ourselves, as Canada's National Wallcovering Distributor, to make only the finest performance wallcovering solutions available for your wall finishing repertoire.

You are invited to peruse products from our exclusive brand collections and simultaneously order complimentary samples across all of our private brands.

LEVEY has been your most reliable sales resource for commercial wallcoverings and architectural finishes since 1995.

With consistent sales service, excellent product knowledge and a consultative approach to specifications, we together, as a team, have helped define new trends and set the bar higher for design excellence.

Yes, it is true we have thousands of wallcovering and vertical solutions products for your design consideration. However, every single product we have chosen to carry is of the highest grade and quality to meet your needs and those of our society's environmental challenges.

It is a great responsibility to be Canada's National Wallcovering Distributor because we must carefully analyze the design integrity, durability, health and environmental impact of each product we offer to meet the design and requirement challenges of Canadian Interior Design standards.

These key guidelines drive our need to make design more efficient; deliver a green story; serve our clients better with far less resource waste; save time and energy.

As we evolve our online presence governed by these key guidelines, please continue to send us your feedback so that we may improve and grow our special online communication and service vehicle.

Thank you for complimenting our past performance with your numerous specifications. Please continue to look for our LEVEY T.I.P.S. National Wallcovering e - newsletter, as we custom communicate the best of new Technologies, Ideas, Products and Styles of the future.
As always, our exciting lineup of new design offerings this year will exceed your expectations.

Warm regards,

Silvana Levey
President & CEO