Engineered specifically for walls, acousticord sound absorbing wallcovering from tretford features an original ribbed texture that creates a contemporary architectural look in any commercial space. In a blend of nylon and natural fibres, acousticord has the inviting tactile aesthetics of wool. It's principal component, goat hair (80%) is a by product of goat farming for the cashmere industry which would typically be discarded - this hair is incredibly durable and hard wearing, yet feels soft to the touch and is inherently anti-static. This eco friendly, easy to maintain wall treatment is guaranteed to give any design space a creative edge.

  • .15 Noise Reduction Co-efficient
  • 36 Colourways
  • Formulated using rapidly renewable goat hair
  • 100% natural jute backing bonded with polyvinyl chloride
  • Resists dust buildup
  • Can be regularly vacuumed
  • Can contribute to LEED credits

Acousticord Acoustical Wallcovering