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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


DeNovo Wallcovering logo Levey Industries

Learn more about the inspirations behind many of our DeNovo Wall vinyl wallcovering patterns.

A Queen amongst many. Richly textured Anassa vinyl wallcovering is available in a lustrous, upbeat palette of 18 colourways. Create a most majestic setting with DeNovo Wall's freshest pattern.

In your library now, Arista vinyl wallcovering: fine vertical silk thread reminiscent of classic hand-loomed textures. Awash with subtle modern hints of glint to make your next project distinctly luxurious. Bold and ethereal, let yourself dream.

Azeri is a captivating new modern industrial design from DeNovo Wall. A compound form depicting the edgy look of distressed metal and a fine sand-texture surface. Express your next project with a stunning spectrum of 16 low lustre metallic neutrals spanning purest white 'Ice Cap' to 'Roof Top' black.



Available in a selection of 15 modern colour variations featuring a metallic on matte print. A mid-scale design, evocative of an aerial view from above a European cityscape, Block 35 makes for an exciting addition to our DeNovo Wall collection of Type II Commercial Vinyl Wallcovering.

Subtle tonal printing reinterprets a natural wood grain and provides timeless elegance. Ceylon vinyl wallcovering provides anticipated neutrals and accents that will enhance a multitude of interior styles.

Vertical layers of parallel bands combined with a proprietary vertical ribbon emboss are ideal compliments to each other for our newest pattern, Cibolo. A quintessential combination of lush neutrals and bold accent colours make up the 18 sku colour palette.

Corcho is a soft, textual nuance of cork layers with a high performance aesthetic, creating a wall with instant impact. Browse our perfect palette of 18 whites, neutrals and rich deep colours that reflect the elements of shimmering flint, satin bark, mica and metal.


The essence of our latest series, Dhani, Dhani Geo, and Dhani Silk, provide natural and graphic qualities with a sleek and elegant style creating a timeless look for any project.

Establish a casual elegance with the latest embossing from DeNovo and LEVEY. Inspired by a fine woven grass textile, Elise vinyl wallcovering is comprised of 20 colours with a combination of designer-friendly neutrals and carefully chosen vibrant accents.

Influenced by the work of distinguished Dutch artist M.C Escher; the deeply textured pattern of Jetta plays with light and shadow to contribute a tactile sense of depth and dimension. Available in a palette of 18 sophisticated colour variations.

Available in a selection of 16 inspired colourways, distinct print of Kyya creates a sense of movement as a direct result of the organic, free form shapes that lead the eye in various directions, counterbalanced by the use of earthy tones to introduce both balance and visual texture.



Captivating and dazzling, with a modern, metalized linen finish - Marteau is a charismatic and opulent design choice. Available in 22 glimmering colour variations, Marteau plays with the light and surrounding colours to harmonize with any design space.



New to our library, in 26 regal colourways: Matisse Texture. Known for his use of vibrant colours, Henri Matisse lives on in this elegant, brilliant vinyl wallcovering collection inspired by the textural nuances of velvet and silk.

Featuring a horizontal emboss texture with a faint metallic tip print, Mokara is a tactile wall solution that embodies casual elegance. Available in a stunning array of 20 colourways.

Scale and colour are key players in Sandro's carefully crafted weave, with large bands of texture intertwined with fine-spun threading. A subtle yet exquisite metallic shimmer accents Sandro's 16-colour palette, harmonizing classic woven durability with modern design.



Inspired by the natural shape and symmetry of the honeycomb, and offering a geometric journey into form and texture, Shima Trellis vinyl wallcovering pairs with our Shima Texture and is sure to add visual interest to any room.

Introduce subtle yet artful detailing to the walls of your next design project with Truro, a pattern that encapsulates beauty in its own simplicity. Truro is available in a versatile palette of 18 colourways featuring just the right amount of luster, carefully chosen to unleash your full creativity.



Expand your horizons with DeNovo Wall's latest introduction, Winter Sky...a vertical washed fabric effect paired with a pleated silk emboss. Winter Sky is presented in a variety of neutral shades that will leave you feeling relaxed and refined.

Zeteo's decorative stitch detail with a fun geometric print offers a Mondrian vibe. Available in a wide array of favourable neutrals and jazzy accents to coordinate with Zeteo Linen.



Zeteo Linen is a simple, handsome natural woven design that plays a balancing act against the decorative stitch detail of Zeteo vinyl wallcovering. Available in 17 colourways.