LEVEYart Digital Custom Commercial Wallcovering

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Digital, Custom Dry Erase Substrate Wallcovering, from LeveyArt

Digital-MAG60 is our most advanced dry erase product. Digitally printable, magnetic receptive, and (optional) dry eraseable properties make it the most customizeable writeWALLS product to date. Digital-MAG60 can turn any space into a work-ready piece of art.

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Digital, Custom Metallic Substrate Wallcovering, from LeveyArt

Subtle textured or smooth silver iridescent media. Offering a matte or semi-matte finish with metallic effect.

Perfect for adding depth to an image or mimicking natural textures and materials, and creating new dimensions in images and patterns.


Digital, Custom Film Substrate Wallcovering, from LeveyArt

Crystal clear printable glass film becomes media for endless design opportunity. Black, white and colour printing can be applied to achieve any range of design possibilities.


Digital, Custom Wood Veneer Substrate Wallcovering, from LEVEYart

Ultra thin, real wood veneer available in various species. Create contrast between the variant lines present in wood and the carefully calculated elements of custom design.