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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


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Transform spaces with LEVEYart Digital Wallcovering, our leading edge digital commercial wall design solution.


General Notes

Accepted File Types

If any fonts are used, please convert them to outlines.



We are able to match to any colour you desire!

If possible, please send a physical sample of the colours you want to match to. Colours on screen will not exactly match what is output, so physical samples will help us get as close as possible to the colour you are looking for. Samples in the form of paint chips, upholstery and fabric swatches are encouraged. LEVEY is also able to match to many Pantone© colours. If LAB colour values are available please pass this on to us, as these values will get us closest to your desired colour. We will provide strikeoffs for colour matching purposes.


Dimensions are needed prior to starting a job to create a quote. Estimated dimensions are accepted for the quotation phase, but will be subject to change when site verified dimensions are obtained.

Please provide us with the dimensions of each wall you are covering, along with a schematic drawing including any obstructions (such as doors, windows, light switches and outlets), if possible. This information will help us produce your wallcoverings to fit your space perfectly.


The finished product is shipped with a panel map, which displays each panel's design, size, and placement.There is a 2 inch overlap on the inside and outside of each panel and a 4 inch bleed on the top and bottom of each panel for easy installation. Panels can be straight matched for consistency and as little seaming as possible, but can also be reverse hung for variety; note that this will likely make the seam easier to see.

Full installation instructions and diagrams are also supplied for an easy installation.