Viewnique digital wallcovering is a unique, innovative approach to wall treatments which utilizes digital imaging technology to make walls talk, dance, sing, inform, and teach as well as decorate, all with the same simplicity as a standard vinyl wallcovering.

Viewnique Digital from LeveyWallcovering

The client may choose to provide us with their own graphics or select their design from the vast library available to create a custom design. The possibilities are endless, the service is responsive, and the turnaround is fast. Any artwork can become a visual effect that goes above and beyond traditional decorative wall art concepts.

Viewnique digital wallcovering provides architects and designers with additional choices and advantages when making interior design decisions and redefining a space. Greater creativity will be sparked by this medium as it enhances interior spaces. Wall surface treatments no longer have to be strictly decorative, they can actually help to achieve a number of architectural objectives. Digital wallcoverings can educate, elicit an emotional response, such as a sense of joy, awe or reverence; it can visually expand or contract a space; or simply help people better relate to their surrounding interior space.

Digital wallcovering solutions are ideal in promoting a corporate or brand image, an institution's mission. There are no limits to quantity, number of colours, size, scale, pattern or repetition.

Digital wallcoverings are usable anywhere from office lobbies and reception, corridors, in the healthcare industry, museums, the hospitality industry, retail, and industrial.

Viewnique's key features and benefits:

  • Infinity: no limits to quantity, colour, size, scale, pattern or repetition
  • Creativity: assistance provided with ideas and support through the entire design and production process
  • Consistency: exact reproduction of the quality and colour of the original graphic
  • Individuality: custom graphics are reproduced in any quantity, scale or size
  • Durability: superior tensile and tear strength, stain resistance and cleanability
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