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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


Novelio Wallcovering, LEVEY

Learn more about the inspirations behind many of our Novelio Nature vinyl wallcovering patterns.

The gentle touch of skin to Skin.



Concrete: The powerful touch of victory.

Interiors featuring simplicity. No riot of colours, walls and furniture are all light and earth tones. Wood takes its rightful place as a material of choice. Grace wallcovering pattern becomes the perfect foil for bright and well-lit spaces.

Traditions may vary from one place to another, but they all revere nature and history. Pure offers an interior in warm shades of Terracotta and warm neutrals will be complemented by wood, ceramics, textiles of your choice, all with a story to tell.