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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


Learn more about the inspirations behind many of our York Design Gallery vinyl wallcovering patterns

All Eyes On You is a heavily crinkled surface and a window screen design create an eye-catching vinyl wallcovering. The glimmer of the metal crossbars plus the surface play of light and shadow make the pattern all the more appealing. Eleven delicious colours including: Sugar Plum, a rich purple with silver, and Nougat, a neutral beige with gold.

Minute vertical ripples and minuscule horizontal dashes give this nearly-solid-colour vinyl wallcovering texture to catch the light and, in doing so, create a pleasing modicum of visual interest. In thirteen variations to outdo the rainbow, Balancing Act's selections include Panoramic, a smoky medium blue, Atrium, the fresh yellow/green of willows in spring, or Haute Heights, rich red raspberry with a hint of blue. Beautifully made of delightful to look at, durable, scrubbable vinyl.

Inspired by the optic flow of skyscraper windows. Block Party consists of alternately slanting rectangles forming a distinctive chevron pattern. Available in nine colourways including warm and cool neutrals.

Like droplets running down a windowpane, By George vinyl wallcovering features texture suggestive of vertical beading. The tiny dots, in variations of tonal colour, increase the dimensional quality of the design. Subtle mineral streaks add a flash of brightness. Some of the thirteen available colours are Lingo, in taupe and silver, and Chat Up, in straw and gold.

Delano vinyl wallcovering has an organic vibe about it. The textured folds that run across it and the irregular colours that follow suit, run counterpoint to vertical lines like dripping water on a canyon wall. Among the nine natural colours are Trita, a tan with bronze and silver, and Noche Grigio, a stone grey and silver combination.

A slight texture pairs with a geometric print to create Frequent Flyer - a playful yet elegant design, perfectly paired with a chic and simplistic background. Available in a modern palette of nine colour variations.

Modern and mesmerizing, Glam Slam vinyl wallcovering features a geometric motif that forms an optical illusion. See the stars, the triangles, and octagons on a linen look background. This retro design is available in your choice of Blue Diamond, an almost iridescent colour, plus Blade, a bright red, and five more selections all on a neutral ground.

Inspired by music. Feel the rhythm of Heavy Metal vinyl wallcovering. A harmony of vertical ripples and vibrant hues, influenced by brass notes and tonal percussion. Melodies of metallic accents play throughout the design, creating contrast and stealing the spotlight.

It's Electric - vertical, undulating, metallic lines mimick the currents of electricity that add a vibrant feel to any space.

The contemporary geometric print of Jet Setter will create the perfect accent wall, while adding subtle sophistication to fit any design space. Create an ultra modern feel in five dynamic colourways.

Reminiscent of light trails found in nighttime photography, Line Dance Wallcovering is composed of pencil thin horizontal lines that create a lively sense of motion, and feature a subtle yet lustrous stipple effect. This highly durable commercial wallcovering comes in thirteen different colourways. Durable type II construction.

The texture of Mad Gab vinyl wallcovering looks like fine cloth. The faux weave is defined by minimally contrasting colours then, left to right, up and down, thready lines intersect forming random rectangles that add to the illusion of fabric. Thirteen diverse colours are available; among them Space Hulk, a pale yellow/green with tan, and Wild Card, a rich tomato red with dark grey.

Simple and uncluttered, Mix This vinyl wallcovering is textured with horizontal stria similar to linear, but irregular, silk cloth. The straight forward pattern is brought to life through the use of striking hybrid colour. The sixteen iridescent selections include Sweetie Blue Blue, a sea glass shade, and Field Silk, a striking gold/green, plus Cozmo, a metallic tangerine.

Over The Moon is an instant classic. Diminulative oval form allover patterning, softened by thin metallic strands which horizontally cascade throughout. The effect is that of a waterfall which sparkles as the observer moves within the light. Its high quality and durability make it suitable for a variety of spaces.

Narrow diminutive rectangles form a vertical cascade of shimmering monochrome colour, against a ground of woven linen in this Pick Up Sticks, a texturally elegant pattern which captures the form of natural crystals. Colours from neutrals, to metallic, to fresh impact statements, create this thirteen colour palette of extraordinary range.

The textural variation that enhances all nature of hand crafted goods, creates personality linking artisan to collector, and inspires the backdrop for this dimensional plaid. Plaid Hatter perfectly styled to warm modern spaces with the purity of form and charming demeanor.

Popstar exudes romance reminiscent of starry skies and the elegance of handmade crepe chenille fabric. Here is a pattern that says "live in style".

Set In Stone is a durable, vinyl wallcovering with the natural elegance and feel of honed marble.

With a pronounced texture like coarse wool, Truffle vinyl wallcovering imitates a woven cloth. It bears the slubs and natural imperfections that characterize a hand spun yarn and artisan loomed fabric. Installed, it will provide the handsome appearance of menswear covered walls . In thirteen select colours including Ice Petal, a pale grey, and Mineral Water, a marine blue.

What A Relief provides a sleek and modern look, featuring stylish squares rotated sequentially, with an embossed fabric texture that provides a sense of depth and shift in color, further enhancing the details of the pattern.

Oval oars parade in perfect textural symmetry across a field of subtle spots creating vertical channels and horizontal lines. Without A Paddle's subtle pearlescence punctuates the monochromatic hues for a look of pure modern geometry in charmingly whimsical and warm form. Durable and high quality for all of your vinyl wallcovering applications.

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