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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


Restoration Elements Wallcovering Installation Gallery

Learn more about the inspirations behind many of our Restoration Elements vinyl wallcovering patterns.



Boardwalk is a sturdy vinyl wallcovering that features irregular ripples of texture and random streaks of metal to create an intermittent horizontal pattern. It's debatable whether the origin is organic or industrial based on appearance alone, but we know it is a marvel of present day manufacturing and is every bit as durable as it is handsome.



Boss Tweed is a sturdy fabric look-alike. This tweedy vinyl wallcovering is pretending to be a woolen weave or an industrial cloth used in manufacturing. In subdued coloration, the durable vinyl pattern brings a pleasing texture to a room, used solo or as an adjunct to a compatible design.

Cargo features deeply etched small horizontal channels that mimic the look and feel of corrugated shipping containers weathered by labour and time. Feathered with subtle pitting and chinks which unexpectedly reject light, this 11 colour palette of industrial inspired textural masterwork is as durable and hardworking as its original predecessors.



Square basket parquet millwork inspires this ruggedly textured pattern of narrow wood planks that resemble a basket weave. Carpentry is available in six neutral colors designed to work well in any space to warm and add textural depth. Printed on a vinyl surface with non-woven backing, this highly durable commercial wallcovering smooths effortlessly, is easy to remove, and meets Type II requirements of CCC-W-408D.



Craftsman is an example of nature's design and man's technology coming together to create a handsome hybrid; the result is a stunning vertical wood grain texture. This durable vinyl wallcovering would be ideal in a rustic, industrial or contemporary setting. Available in nine colourways.



District features geometric stitching upon a simulated silk weave base with a hint of shimmer. This commercial grade wallcovering is available in five colours in a neutral array.



Resembling matte concrete with a subtle woven shimmer, District Silk Wallcovering creates a modern homage to the elegance of silk weave. This highly durable commercial grade vinyl wallcovering is available in a nine-colour palette.



Has the artist improved upon Mother Nature? This handsome vinyl wallcovering pattern looks like cork from natural sources, yet what tree has precious metals shining from beneath its bark; and which tree trunk is a beautiful silvery blue? Factory is enuine cork that could be ideal in a rustic setting in its brown or white versions; marvelous in contemporary or modern décor in its silver or pewter depictions.



Skillfully refined, Gilded Masonry wallcovering combines the iridescence of labradorite with the sultry lustre of cinnabar. Adept technique alters raw ore surface structure into a shimmering, metallic parade of light.



It's the new industrial revolution; this time manufactured and organic elements join to beget interior design with an edgy beauty like this vertical metallic vinyl wallcovering: Industrial Inc. Capturing the look of time-worn tin sheets with contrasting streaks like oxidation, this durable vinyl would be a handsome addition to a loft or a contemporary setting.



This could be a functional geo-textile or it could be a woven sharkskin material for a lady's suit. Appearances can be deceiving, but Library, with its slight texture and minimal crosshatched design, make it resemble fabric, while the vinyl composition makes it durable and scrubbable.



Hewn from the heart of industrial style, robust Masonry vinyl wallcovering revives the dexterity of raw mineral. The craft of stonework fused with artistic coloration forms five stunning hues of durable, scrubbable Type II vinyl wallcovering.



This mosaic of plainsawn woodgrains, lightly tipped with touches of sheen, takes organic texture to a level which crosses the boundaries between rural and urban aesthetics. A fresh fashion palette of seven nature inspired neutrals make Millwork wallcovering an easy partner for any décor style.



Oil and water don't mix but flow into fascinating free-form whorls like this marbleized metallic-on-matte display. What an uncommon on-trend addition to an industrial loft! Oil Punk proves that practicality and beauty do mix. Select a wallcovering made of washable, durable, strippable vinyl that is also a work of abstract art.

Simple shiplap wood cladding becomes a style statement when weathering and wear creates texturing which represents heritage, hearth and home. Planks six-color palette offers the best in earth tone exterior neutrals, sure to fit any décor style. Printed on a vinyl surface with non-woven backing, this highly durable commercial wallcovering smooths effortlessly, is easy to remove, and meets Type II requirements of CCC-W-408D.



The rustic texture of burlap combines with faint flecks of metallic, horizontal slubbing to create Reclamation - a charming print with an organic visual and sensory appeal. Available in a muted, but stunning nine colour palette, Reclamation is an inspired addition to our York Design Gallery Restoration Elements collection of Type II Commercial Vinyl Wallcoverings.



Melding the industrial with the organic, the modernism movement of Spanish design is as relevant today as it was in the 1800s. Salvaged a prime 21st-century example, looks like a finely woven screen with a coat of stucco, weathered and worn, spattered and smudged over time. The rugged look belies the finely textured vinyl wallcovering which is available in cream with beige and tobacco brown with black.



What could be more urban than chain link, and what could be more stylish than industrial metals? The clean lines of this trellis, in brass, aluminum and gunmetal on a silken weave ground, keeps an edge while maintaining Steam Trunk's warmth and sophistication.



With a large-scale, textural type print, the tactile pattern of Tapestry is subtle enough to fit any design space, yet at the same time is visually intriguing enough to set this pattern apart.



Named for the lay of the land, pattern Terrain's impressive stratigraphy incorporates shimmer, deep dimensional folds and camouflage inspired tonalities which combine to create a handsomely rugged landscape. Available in an array of nine earthen colors, this durable vinyl wallcovering is as hearty as the outdoors which inspired it.



Like fine woven silk shantung, The Printery wallcovering has subtle texture with just enough horizontal striation to add interest when struck by light. In addition, there are flecks of colour and thread-like lines added to the mix.

This pattern is inspired by the persistence and durability of the tropical balsa tree, known for its ability to grow strong and fast where others cannot. The organically based palette of natural and mineral colors has a variegated subtle shimmer and rugged bark finish. Timber, offered in nine colors, is durable, beautiful and well suited for high traffic areas.



Union Station features dots and dashes flowing earthward, forming narrow, irregular lines against a contrasting colour. The simpledurable pattern is inked on a solid field and has minimal texture.



This handsome commercial vinyl wallcovering mimics cork from its natural source. The versatility and durability allow for installation in areas otherwise not favorable of natural cork, and yet still provide the naturally decorative character of cork. Workroom is available in nine striking colourways.