Custom Wallcovering at Calgary Winter Club

The Calgary Winter Club Custom Wallcovering, LEVEY
The Calgary Winter Club Custom Wallcovering from LEVEYart

The Calgary Winter Club is a premiere private sport and social club that provides programs and facilities to its members families to develop physical and social growth. To improve health and social connection for members, the interior of the club was renovated in Spring of 2021. The curling lounge, rentable amenity spaces, and a larger café with enhanced views to the curling rink were redesigned during this time. Pictured below is a rentable meeting space featuring a large-scale custom wallcovering designed and printed by LEVEYart.

The Calgary Winter Club Digital Wallcovering, LEVEY
The Calgary Winter Club Custom Wallcovering from LEVEYart

Working closely with the design team, our LEVEYart department created the wallcovering in a graffiti style with high contrast; exhibiting what the club has to offer on a Class A fire rated wallcovering that is easy to clean between bookings. While we can colour match to any paint sample, Pantone colour number, or other physical sample you can provide us with, a monochromatic colour scheme can be just as bold and inviting.

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Marteau Wallcovering, available in 22 glimmering colour variations

Captivating and dazzling, with a modern, metalized linen finish – Marteau is a charismatic and opulent wallcovering design choice. Exclusively from LEVEY.

Available in 22 shimmering colourways, Marteau plays with the light and surrounding colours to harmonize with any design space – a truly dynamic addition to our DeNovo Wall collection of Type II commercial vinyl wallcoverings.

With it’s unique mylar construction, Marteau is as functional as it is beautiful – offering added durability for high-traffic applications where added durability and wall protection is necessary.

Passes the high fire safety standards of ASTM E-84 and more…
Check out our technical documents to learn about “Breathe Free” micro-venting; a process designed to help control unwanted moisture, as well as information on recommended primers,
adhesives, and installation instructions.

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SanFoot Keeps It Simple

Architectural millwork has been specified by designers and architects for centuries in both functional and decorative ways. Cabinetry, doors, mouldings, ceilings, and walls are used to add detail and character to a variety of interiors. Along with these varying intricacies comes the need for extensive time, environmental constraints and high labour costs depending on the complexity of the specification. LEVEY presents to you, SanFoot architectural wood veneers, a wonderfully engineered solution to the common challenges of specified millwork. Let SanFoot be your solution to millwork complexities. Here are 3 things you need to know before your next millwork specification.

SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcovering, LEVEY
SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcovering from LEVEY

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LEVEYart Design Development

We know that starting a wallcovering design from scratch can be intimidating especially when there are infinite possibilities. When there’s colours, scale, and substrates to consider it can be challenging to know where to start… that’s what our digital experts are here for! Keep reading to see how our project process is as easy as 1‐2‐3.

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LEVEYart Digital…Infinitely Scalable EXOTIC FLAIR

LEVEYart Digital Wallcovering, Pattern: Exotic Flair

Did you know that our LEVEYart digital wallcoverings can be infinitely scaled? A recent installation of Exotic Flair in a visual effects studio office took advantage of that quality and scaled the standard by 5x. The increase in scale created a dramatic feature wall and allowed for the pattern to be seen from any point in the office.

Contrasting Pattern and Texture

Playing off of the foliage in the office, the wallcovering contrasts with the existing concrete structure and ductwork to enhance a natural aesthetic.

Pattern: Exotic Flair
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