Video: Behold the Natural Beauty of SanFoot Wallcovering

SanFoot Wood Veneer Commercial Wallcovering, Levey Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes
LE CASINO DE MONTRÉAL ceilings featuring SanFoot Wood veneer Award Winning Design by MOUREAUX HAUSPY | BLAZYSGÉRARD Designers as published by MAGAZINE INTÉRIEURS and photographed by STÉPHANE GROLEAU

SanFoot Natural Wood Veneers are a collection of natural wood veneers prefinished with two coats of polyurethane that install just like any other commercial wallcovering without the need of specialized tools or procedures. Choose from a wide variety of real wood species, “AA” architectural-grade veneers, cuts and colors allowing for the versatile integration of wood tones for use in residential and commercial applications including corporate, hospitality, retail, healthcare and entertainment venues.

In it’s 35-year run, SanFoot has revolutionized the use of wood – the original “green” building product as a wallcovering. This collection of domestic and exotic wood species is sourced from responsibly managed forests and manufactured using a patented log slicing process – which slices the veneer to a very thin state so as to increase log yield by 300% in comparison to conventional wood veneer production methods. What once took 3 trees now only requires one to generate an equal volume of veneer – making SanFoot Wood Veneers a sustainably produced wallcovering and ensuring a consistent look for applications on larger scale projects.

SanFoot Wood Veneer Commercial Wallcovering Five Ply Construction, Levey Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes

 SanFoot’s unique five-ply construction with a foil core permits greater flexibility for the practical application of SanFoot Wood Veneers to curved walls, columns, radius corners and even 90-degree corners without cracking. Additionally, large sequence runs and end-matching abilities make SanFoot the perfect choice for projects with expansive wall and ceiling areas.

Behold the natural beauty of Sanfoot and watch the video below: