SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer | A Sustainable + Cost Effective Alternative

SanFoot wooD veneer wallcovering, sustainable and cost effective, LEVEY Commercial and Architectural Finishes

Sourced from responsibly managed forests and manufactured using a patented log slicing process – slicing the veneer to a very thin state to increase log yield by 300% in comparison to conventional panel products. What once took three trees now only requires one to produce an equal volume of veneer- making SanFoot Natural Wood Veneers a more sustainably produced and affordable alternative to traditional panel products.

This collection of ‘AA’ grade domestic and exotic wood veneer species are prefinished with two coats of polyurethane, and install just like any other commercial wallcovering direct to drywall.

SanFoot Natural Wood Veneers pass the high fire safety standards of CAN/ULC S102.-10 and ASTM E-84 required for public environments.

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