INSPIRED BY NATURE: SanFoot Enables Fluidity in Biophilic Design

Echo Condominium - Biophilic design, has emerged as a growing design trend

Biophilic design, has emerged as a growing design trend, showing no signs of slowing down in the next decade. Individuals want to spend time in spaces that remind them of being connected to nature.

This week, LEVEY is highlighting Yabu Pushelberg’s design of Echo Condominium, a client project completed in 2018, featuring our SanFoot wood veneer wallcoverings as the key design element in this crown jewel of the Aventura coastline.

Sustainably sourced from natural wood, our SanFoot wood veneer product applies directly to drywall offering an element of fluidity in your design.

Echo Condominium - Biophilic design, has emerged as a growing design trend


Echo Condominiums was a project envisioned and created by international design firm Yabu Pushelberg – who previously designed the interiors for the Four Seasons in Toronto and the W Hotel at Times Square. Proudly Canadian, the firm was founded by renowned designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg instrumental in putting Toronto on the map as a vibrant and creative place.

Set on the Aventura, Florida waterfront, the design concept echoes the rolling ocean waves through incorporating a very extensive use of curved walls.

To achieve the curvature required, Yabu Pushelberg searched for a highly flexible and durable material that is supportive of large surface curved wall applications. Enter SanFoot wood veneer wallcovering.

SanFoot’s large sequence runs and end-matching ability made it the perfect choice for large continuous walls, as it prevented paneling effects and ensured consistent colour throughout the project.

Comprised of a unique five-ply construction with a foil core – SanFoot Wood Veneer permits greater flexibility for practical applications to curved walls, columns, radius corners and even 90-degree corners, without cracking.

Echo Condominium - Biophilic design, has emerged as a growing design trend


SanFoot has a 300% more yield per log vs traditional millwork veneer production, thereby saving trees and making our environment more sustainable. Partnered with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), SanFoot was developed and continues to be manufactured with the goal of ensuring reliable supplies for future generations.

Echo Condominium features FineTec – a reconstructed, natural wood veneer manufactured from consistently available wood species that simulate the look of rare burl figures and unique, original designs.

Improving availability, consistency of finish and therefore price, FineTec is a real solution to finding good alternatives to replace hard to acquire species. In this case, we were able to simulate the look of East Indian Rosewood, currently an original, rare and endangered species.

From Zebrawood to Ebony, Ash to Wenge, FineTec affords you uncompromised design capability without sacrificing budget or species availability requirements.

As with all of our SanFoot products, FineTec can be custom stained and digitally printed to create endless design possibilities.

Echo Condominium - Biophilic design, has emerged as a growing design trend


For the Echo Condominium project, SanFoot was used in place of wood millwork panels to provide a cost-effective solution without compromising quality or integrity of the design vision.

Adding to that, it is also Class A Fire Rated, CAN ULC compliant, flexible and pre-finished. SanFoot is quick and simple to install. The entire wallcovering process for Echo Condominiums was completed in a few months with only two installers on the job site!

Installed directly to drywall, just like a standard commercial wallcovering, SanFoot allows for trimming out around doors and openings using a single blade. Watch our installation video and witness the easy installation process with SanFoot wood veneer wallcovering.

To learn more about SanFoot and how it can help achieve your creative vision, visit our product page or book a consultation with your LEVEY Rep today.