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Achieving Acoustical Comfort with Wallcoverings

Achieving Acoustical Comfort with LEVEY Wallcoverings

Endless Possibilities with Modularity

Inspired by the hulls of ships, BOW, sound absorbing panels from Snowsound provide infinite options to create an acoustic feature wall. The two elements, hourglass and shield, have a raised profile that creates a pocket which allows 94% of human speech frequencies to be absorbed. Stay tuned for the launch of this product and other new Snowsound releases in December.

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Acoustical Flexible Design Choices, LEVEY Wallcoverings
Flexible Design Choices
With wallcoverings, panels and textiles available LEVEY has an array of acoustic solutions to suit the needs of your space.

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Achieving Acoustical Comfort, LEVEY Wallcoverings
Achieving Acoustical Comfort
With NRC ratings ranging from 0.15 to 1.0, there is a product that can meet the specific needs of your space.

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Snowsound Acoustical Wallcovering, LEVEY Wallcoverings

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