SanFoot Keeps It Simple

Architectural millwork has been specified by designers and architects for centuries in both functional and decorative ways. Cabinetry, doors, mouldings, ceilings, and walls are used to add detail and character to a variety of interiors. Along with these varying intricacies comes the need for extensive time, environmental constraints and high labour costs depending on the complexity of the specification. LEVEY presents to you, SanFoot architectural wood veneers, a wonderfully engineered solution to the common challenges of specified millwork. Let SanFoot be your solution to millwork complexities. Here are 3 things you need to know before your next millwork specification.

SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcovering, LEVEY
SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcovering from LEVEY

Materiality and Installation

SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcovering Composition, LEVEY
SanFoot’s 5-layer construction

Architectural millwork is typically composed of solid wood and/or veneer panels, whereas SanFoot wood veneers are incredibly thin (0.2mm) veneer slices which are then bonded to a paper layer, aluminum foil, glue barrier, and a paper backing. This 5-layer construction not only improves durability but allows for the veneer to be applied as a typical wallcovering would be on a variety of substrates. When considering a desired wood finish on a curved wall, any SanFoot veneer can be easily applied direct-to-gypsum as opposed to installing individual panels. A typical installation with SanFoot will often be completed in half the time or less when compared to a millwork.

Environmental Considerations

Sourcing from responsibly managed FSC certified forests and manufactured using a patented log slicing process – slicing the veneer to a very thin state to increase log yield by 300% in comparison to conventional wood veneers. What once took three trees now only requires one to produce an equal volume of veneer – making SanFoot Natural Wood Veneers a more sustainably produced and affordable alternative to traditional panel products.

Custom, Custom, Custom

SanFoot offers over 100 species of veneers, including natural and recon (exotic species replicas), and a variety of cuts and colours that are readily available. To take the natural veneers one step further, SanFoot offers custom staining and sheet sizing which varies somewhat depending on the species.

Due to the nature of slicing the veneers so thinly, SanFoot can maintain consistent graining, colour and tonality over 100 sheets as opposed to 10-15 sheets with architectural millwork. We also offer custom digital printing on the veneers as the substrate, as well as a line of transparent veneers for backlighting purposes.

If you have questions about this most flexible of products, please visit or contact your local sales consultant to schedule a consultation.