As Levey prioritizes the health and safety of our community, we continue to follow our clients’ projects as they adapt to the “new normal”.

Featured this week is Hotel Omni Charlotte, a client project that has recently implemented CDC-Certified Enhanced Cleaning Procedures. Thanks to our cleanable, commercial grade wallcovering, staff members can keep hotel guests safe and protected without worrying about damaging surfaces.

Cleanable, commercial grade wallcovering

Completed in May of 2018 – Omni Hotels & Resorts commissioned Canadian design firm Moncur Design Associates Inc to transform the 369 room Omni Charlotte including guestrooms, corridors and public spaces.

To support their vision, Moncur Design Associates Inc partnered with Levey to make use of multiple designs from our vast and exclusive selection of wallcoverings. Two patterns from Levey’s wallcovering collections alongside a custom wood vinyl from LEVEYart Digital are implemented into the hotel’s design.

Washable and cleanable, these Levey commercial wallcovering solutions help generate a safer environment for all hotel guests. With Len Tex’s Aqua-Clear 3.0 as the coating, these vinyl designs have an excellent scrubbability and are resistant to antimicrobial commercial cleaning agents.

Popolo Wallcovering by DeNovo Wall in colour Tinsel Town

Featured throughout the premise of Omni Charlotte – in the hotel’s various guestrooms, lobbies, hallways and more – is the pattern Popolo by DeNovo Wall in colour Tinsel Town.

Thematically, the design team was inspired by the city of Charlotte – a banking hotspot with a history rich in precious metals. The imperfect grid-like pattern of Popolo features a luxurious silver-toned metallic mylar finish, which successfully nods to the glamour, elegance and class associated with this vision. Meanwhile, Popolo’s off-white base acts as a neutral element that
compliments and fuses with other aspects of the hotel’s design.

From an application standpoint, this mylar laminated wallcovering is durable and washable. Its antimicrobial surface prevents the growth of bacteria and allows for a better sanitization process. This proves especially important in a hospitality environment, where the application is subject to high occupancy turnover in the heart of a major city.

View Popolo from DeNovo Wall online

Steam Trunk Wallcovering from York Contract’s Restoration Elements collection

Utilized in the ensuites throughout the hotel, the unique geometric pattern of Steam Trunk from York Contract’s Restoration Elements collection is an intriguing visual accent. The design serves as a cohesive factor in uniting other materials while paying homage to the city of Charlotte.

This durable Type II Commercial Vinyl Wallcovering was specified in the shade of Optic White – an off white, simulated silk weave base with a diamond-like pattern. Applied mostly to washroom walls, this commercial wallcovering allows for extensive cleaning protocols without causing damage to its low lustre silver metallic finish.

View Steam Trunk from Restoration Elements online

Digital wallcovering with a realistic wood print

The designers further accented the walls of Omni Charlotte with warm wood. The design intends to deliver a sense of warmth and comfort hotel guests, as well as incorporating nature in a centrally located hotel.

Mimicking the finish of natural wood, this custom accent wallcovering stands as a commercial grade vinyl wallcovering and was developed in a collaboration between Moncur Design Associates Inc and LEVEYart Digital. It prevents the formation of mould, mildew and bacteria, protecting guests against COVID-19.

By specifying our custom digital wallcovering with a realistic wood print, the designers were able to achieve optimal durability and attain the specific look of wood that was desired.

Learn more about LEVEYart Digital

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LEVEY’s Role in the King Street Causeway!

LEVEY’s Role in the King Street Causeway!

3M Glass Finish films and the King Street Causeway

3M Glass Finish films
King Street Causeway, Toronto

Applying 3M Glass Finishes directly to glass, delivers the beauty, translucency and privacy of etched, cut, sandblasted or texturized decorative glass at a fraction of the price, while saving time and money.

3M Glass Finish films can be used to transform existing surfaces quickly and easily. And when your space is ready for a fresh look, simply replace the film with a new pattern or texture. All 3M films are flexible and easy to apply; working well on both flat or curved surfaces. 3M’s glass films are the perfect addition to any project with an extensive use of glass partitions.

This highly durable commercial glass film passes the high fire safety standards of CAN/ULC S102.-10 and ASTM E-84 required for public spaces.


Also from LEVEY

LEVEY Commercial Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes, Product List

Wallcovering as Wayfinding

Wallcovering as Wayfinding

Wallcovering as Wayfinding, LEVEY Commercial and Architectural Finishes

LEVEYart Digital custom wallcovering serves as a unique, non-repetitive wayfinding technique, all the while providing a sense of well-being and opulence to the residents of REVERA, a leading provider ofaccommodation and care for seniors.

LeveyArt Digital Wallcovering, LEVEY Commercial and Architectural Finishes

LeveyArt Digital Wallcovering, see project, LEVEY Commercial and Architectural Finishes

LEVEY Commercial Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes, Product List

LEVEY: Leader for Custom Decoration of Corridor Walls In Multi-Unit Residential

LEVEY: Leader for Custom Decoration of Corridor Walls In Multi-Unit Residential

Revera, featured Client Project, Hallway Featuring LEVEYArt Custom Digital Wallcovering, LEVEY Commercial Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes

Revera – leading Canadian provider of accommodation and care for seniors, hosted the grand opening of its flagship location on Sunday, October 28th. Westney Gardens in Ajax, Ontario is a unique and innovative multi-unit rental residence featuring revolutionary technology and design. Toronto firm Van Der King Design Group Inc’s and LEVEY’s expertise were commissioned by Revera to design and produce functional, beautiful, decor within an elegant, forward thinking senior’s residence, where wallcovering as wayfinding leads design into a new client centric direction.

Revera, featured Client Project, Hallway Featuring Custom Digital Wallcovering, LEVEY Commercial Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes

The result has been lauded as creating a helpful, happy, and unique environment that reflects decades of research by Revera, challenged to innovate the future of senior care. LEVEYwall treatment of the corridors and elevator lobby of the five-story retirement residence was conceived as a unique, non-repetitive wayfinding technique that would decorate the walls while providing a sense of well-being and opulence.

Class A Fire Rated and exceeding CAN/ULC S102.-10 – a life saving standard LEVEYart Digital developed over 100 classic images to make the team’s mega-graphic wallcovering design vision into a surface reality.

“Today’s designs for senior living reflect the unique needs of modern aging in place for those who want to maintain both prolonged independence and high quality of life,” says Silvana Levey, CEO of LEVEY.  “Revera and the production team considered many factors when choosing a design for the walls of Westney Gardens.  These included refinement of specific colours for optimum vision, texture for glare reduction and the full purpose of creating a sense of familiarity.” The high contrast print of black graphics atop the pale beige background provides optimum visibility without sacrificing colour harmony. The result ensures familiarity and comfort while elegantly providing a way for the residents of Westney Gardens to enjoy personally supported methods of identifying their space.

LEVEY: a Canadian wallcovering design, manufacturing and distribution company provides industry leadership in commercial wallcovering and architectural finishes. Since 1995, their high sustainability standards and accreditations, an exclusive roster of only the best quality brands of wall finishes, and a consultative sales staff offering keen attention to detail have  LEVEYconsistently defining direction for commercial wallcoverings of the future.

For further information, contact: Jessica Moore at 905.829.8000, or visit us at

Learn how you can specify LEVEYart Digital on your next design project.

Revera Hallway Featuring LEVEYArt Custom Digital Wallcovering, LEVEY Commercial Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes

LEVEY Commercial Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes, Product List

LEVEY Red Wallcovering Takes Centre Stage in Canadian Actor’s Toronto Home

Red Wallcovering

LEVEY Red Takes Centre Stage in Canadian Actor Canadian actor Yannick Bisson’s Toronto Home

Canadian actor Yannick Bisson commissioned Eric McClelland of Fleur-de-lis Interior Design Inc to bring the vision he had for his Toronto family home to life.

LEVEY Red Wallcovering in Canadian Actor Canadian actor Yannick Bisson’s Toronto HomeIn a design space that is full of modern elements and clean lines, it’s easy to unintentionally create an environment that comes across as cold, unwelcoming, and even intimidating. To combat this, natural elements were incorporated into the design of the Murdoch Mystery star’s residence such as the use of walnut baseboards and warm, wood, wall panels – these wood tones succeeded in bringing aspects of outdoor nature to the interior design space, achieving a sense of comfort. Furthermore, a bright red wallcovering supplied by Levey featuring a diminutive organic texture warms up the overall atmosphere while simultaneously delivering a lively punch of colour to an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

Achieve this look on your next design project with the choices below:

SanFoot Walnut Wood Veneer Wallcovering from LEVEY

Bring the outdoors in, by way of our SanFoot Natural Wood Veneers – a collection of natural wood veneers prefinished with two coats of polyurethane that install just like any other commercial wallcovering without the need of specialized tools or procedures. This sustainably produced collection of domestic and exotic wood species is carefully sourced from responsibly managed forests and manufactured using a patented log slicing process – which slices the veneer to a very thin state so as to increase log yield up to 300% in comparison to traditional wood veneer production methods. Choose from a wide variety of real wood species, “AA” architectural-grade veneers, cuts and colours allowing for the versatile integration of wood tones for use in residential and commercial applications including corporate, hospitality, retail, healthcare and entertainment venues.

Red Wallcoverings from LEVEY

Attain the perfect amount of warmth with a vibrant accent colour such as Mix This in Candy Rouge, Anassa in Well Red or Via in Barn Red. Mix This from our York Design Gallery collection in Candy Rouge is a perfectly vibrant candy apple red featuring horizontal grooves and multi toned lineal etches. Richly textured, Anassa from our Denovo Wall collection in Well Red is a tactile way to incorporate a warm, punchy red that is sure to be the star of the show. For a more subdued red, one might opt for Via in Barn Red from our collection of Command Wallcoverings – this rich red is comprised of varying red tones in organic vertical striations.

Looking for more? Our online selection of performance wallcovering products are searchable by colour, material, texture and more.

LEVEY Participates in Toronto’s Unique King Street Project

King Street Causeway from Levey Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes


Last Friday, LEVEY celebrated the unveiling of the King Street Causeway after contributing 3M Dichroic Architectural Film for use in the construction of IBI Group’s inspirational and winning design.

DICHROIC 3M Glass Finishes King Street in Toronto
DICHROIC 3M Glass Finishes King Street Toronto
Kings Causeway Linden Laserna IBI Group with 3M DiChroic Architectural Film from Levey
Panoramic courtesy of Linden Laserna/IBI Group

Located just west of the King and John intersection, in front of the TIFF Bell Lightbox you’ll find the King Street Causeway – a destination parklet designed by a team of architects and designers at IBI Group. This unique parklet is the result of the King Street Pilot Project, launched by the City of Toronto with the intent of creating a series of visually appealing curb lane public spaces for the public’s recreation.

IBI Group worked with LEVEY as authorized national distributor of 3M Architectural products to contribute the specific architectural film needed for the creation of an important visual element in the parklet design. 3M DiChroic Architectural Film in the shades Chill and Blaze supplied by LEVEY were laminated and then sandwiched between layers of acrylic provided for added outdoor durability. This was ultimately fashioned into hexagonal beacons with dichroic and lifelike movement qualities during the day as well as at night when illuminated by a network of hidden LED light sources.

King Street Causeway with 3M DiChroic Architectural Film from Levey
DICHROIC 3M Glass Finishes King Street Toronto Inspiration
DICHROIC 3M Glass Finishes King Street Toronto Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the interlocking hexagonal basalt columns on the coast of Northern Ireland caused by ancient volcanic fissure eruptions, the King Street Causeway is comprised of a multitude of hexagonal components at varying heights. These carefully thought out hexagonal elements serve as multifunctional vessels to be used as footrests, seats, and tables with the intention of becoming a gathering point in the city’s entertainment district for locals and visitor’s alike. Accented by hexagonal beacons that illuminate in the evening and feature dichroic qualities that portray the colours of a sunset by way of architectural film provided by LEVEY, the King Street Causeway becomes an ambient gathering point that appeals to Toronto’s vibrant nightlife.

Be sure to visit the King Street Causeway to see the dynamic colour shifting capabilities of 3M Architectural Film for yourself at 315 King St W, Toronto

DICHROIC Blaze 3M Glass Finishes
DiChroic Film in Blaze
DICHROIC Chill 3M Glass Finishes
DiChroic Film in Chill


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