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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.



Commercial wall finishes or "wallcoverings" are used by interior designers, architects, and specifiers to enhance and protect the interiors of offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, stores, health clinics and many other public spaces.

LEVEY's exclusive library of various types of commercial wallcovering products provide exquisite design options, while protecting walls from scuffs due to their strength and durability.


LEVEY's digital options and processes are targeted to achieve your specific creative design goals. Digital wallcovering is a unique, innovative approach to wall treatments which utilizes digital imaging technology to transform almost any of our existing commercial wallcovering products into a unique visual to make walls talk, dance, sing, inform, and teach as well as decorate. Amazingly this is all available with the same simplicity as a standard vinyl wallcovering.

Our client's may choose to provide us with their own graphics or work with our LEVEYart Digital Studio team to create their own custom design.

Feel free to request a complimentary virtual creative session with our team by calling 1-800-588-3990.


LEVEY leads as the top National Wallcovering Distributor committed to unlimited design and service directed towards Canada's leading Interior Designers and Architects.

Offering only top quality brands of exclusive wall finishes, LEVEY helps you get the job done.

With a consultative sales staff keenly trained for stringent attention to detail and an obsession for perfection in style and performance, we dedicate ourselves to going above and beyond the unique needs and expectations of each client.

Whatever the challenge, issue, or requirement may be, LEVEY operates with enthusiasm and excellence in every aspect of our mission, and yours!


With the changing world of technology, world pandemics and the continued increase of demands on your time we have partnered with Zoom. Now our team of experts can save you time and risk by hosting audio or video chats where you can also screen share to see the latest product samples and mastermind potential solutions for your immediate needs. As the world changes we evolve so we are always on the leading edge to provide you with the most reliable and innovative service available across Canada and beyond.

Let's connect and create! Contact us.


LEVEY has proudly supported the Interior Designers of Canada for several years as a leader within the wall treatment arena.

Our team is always happy to provide the latest commercial wall covering information about new technology and product design innovations.

IDC membership, Levey Wallcoverings


The future belongs to our youth and LEVEY does its best to help foster amazing talent for the future by donating time and samples to over 30 Design Institutes across Canada. Learn more about how we connect with new talent who you may have join your Interior Design agency as it grows.