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Dehesa Wallcovering from LEVEY

Dehesa Wallcovering

A beautiful defender of walls, the name originates from the Latin term, “defensa”, meaning land that is protected. Dehesa’s are predominant in central Spain and southern Portugal where the main crop is the harvesting of cork.

Reminiscent of these blocked-out plots of land, DEHESA channels the effect of a natural cork wallcovering while featuring enhanced durability.

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Densho Wallcovering from LEVEY

Densho Wallcovering

An intricate 3-dimensional small-scaled chevron texture with a soft hand and appearance. A popular choice for corridor wallcovering treatments. DENSHO is available in light-to-dark neutrals and vibrant accent colours.

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Discus Wallcovering from LEVEY

Discus Wallcovering

A rhythmic, mid-scale pattern of stylized discs, reminiscent of the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci with a subtle industrial feel. Available in an assortment of neutral and metallic accents.

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