LEVEYart Design Development

We know that starting a wallcovering design from scratch can be intimidating especially when there are infinite possibilities. When there’s colours, scale, and substrates to consider it can be challenging to know where to start… that’s what our digital experts are here for! Keep reading to see how our project process is as easy as 1‐2‐3.

1. Pre‐Design

Browse through our selection of predesigned patterns to discover which may be of interest for your project. Find one that you want to use? Maybe you want to tweak one or start from scratch with your own idea/photograph? Our digital design experts are available to assist you in this preliminary wallcovering design stage to narrow down your vision.

Browse our patterns here

2. Wallcovering Design

Creating Your Design ‐ Measurements

Prior to design work being done your digital expert will need full wall dimensions (total height and width) even if they can only be estimated at this point. Any wall obstructions should also be noted as this will help us create your wallcovering to fit the space perfectly.

LEVEYart, Pattern: Exotic Flair
Pattern: Exotic Flair

Creating Your Design – Colour Matching

Depending on the wallcovering that is being developed, colour matching may be an option. We can custom match Pantone colour numbers, paint chips and/or other physical material samples you can provide us with.

Creating Your Design ‐ Scale


The scale of your wallcovering pattern can also be adjusted to your own desire.

View our case study here

3. Finalizing Your Design

Once the digital file of your wallcovering is approved a strike off will be printed on your chosen substrate. This is your first chance to hold your vision in your hands and once you are happy with it, we will begin production.