Wallcovering vs. Wallpaper: A Breakdown

What are wallcoverings?

Verano Wallcovering from Levey Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes
Verano Wallcovering by DeNovo Wall, distributed by LEVEY

For the most part, wallpaper (as opposed to “wallcovering”) is the more widely familiar home-outfitting product. This may be due to the fact that it is a generally inexpensive material that many of us watched our parents hang – and rip down – throughout the years. It has been the finish of choice for elegant homes since the sixteenth century tapestries.

Unbeknownst to many of us, alongside this residential finishing trend is wallpaper’s more industrial cousin, the wallcovering. Originally developed as a protective wall finish in the 1970s, wallcoverings are typically consigned to commercial applications; and are designed to withstand the demands of highly-populated spaces such as lobbies, corridors, hotel suites, etc.

Wallcovering: A residential finish

Optimus Flair Wallcovering for residential spaces, from Levey Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes
Optimus Flair Glass Fibre Wallcovering, distributed by LEVEY

More and more, homeowners are turning to the superior quality and luxe effect of wallcovering for their home decorating projects.

Excellent for backsplashes, hallways, entrances and/or wherever one is looking to add a beautiful and durable finish, wallcovering is an elegant alternative to wallpaper and paint.

Customize your wallcovering

Digital Custom Wallcovering for residential spaces, from Levey Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes
LeveyArt Digital Custom Wallcovering

As well, with the advancements of digital printing, there is no end of choices, from custom design, scale, colour, substrates, etc.

You can also use your own designs and photos, provided that the artwork is owned by or licensed to you and meets the image standards.


Wallcovering vs. Wallpaper: The Breakdown


Made from: Vinyl, wood (veneer), cork, glass fibre, even dry erase (perfect for kids room and kitchen message boards), etc.
Ideal for: High traffic areas (e.g. hallways and mud rooms) and/or sumptuous settings (e.g. bedrooms/dining/living rooms, etc.)
Cleaning: Mild soap and water and (depending on the material/texture) a soft bristle brush
Installation: For a seamless application and less waste, it is recommended that you contract a professional wallcovering installer. Contact LEVEY for certified installers in your area.
Where to buy: Distributor
Sold by: Lineal yard (widths of rolls vary from 36″ – 54″ with a typical length of 30 yards)


Made from: Paper
Ideal for: Low traffic areas, such as accent walls and powder rooms
Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth
Installation: Although one can hire a professional (recommended for more costly rolls, e.g. hand-painted), wallpaper is typically a DIY project
Where to buy: Home improvement stores and outlets
Sold by: The roll (width is usually 27″ with a typical length of 11 yards)

Where to start ?

Without A Paddle Wallcovering for residential spaces, by York Design Gallery, from Levey Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes
Without A Paddle Wallcovering by York Contract Design Gallery, distributed by LEVEY

Looking to add a durable and/or luxurious wall finish to your home? Peruse our library of top quality vinyl wallcovering brands and search by colour, scale, style…you name it!

For more information on our many materials, uses and customizable wallcovering, contact LEVEY, Canada’s top wallcovering distributor.







New! Kaleidoscope Wallcovering

Kaleidoscope Wallcovering, Custom Digital Wallcovering from LeveyArt

Kaleidoscope Wallcovering

By LeveyArt

Unique and endlessly customizable, Kaleidoscope is a new pattern available exclusively from LeveyArt Digital. Scalable to any size, continuous for boundless tiling, and custom primary and background colour options allow you to make this design your own. Printable on your choice of media. Also available in 8 standard colourways as a Type II vinyl wallcovering.

Visit LeveyIndustries.com

Custom, Digitally Printed Wallcovering is now at your fingertips!

Custom Digitally Printed Wallcovering is now at your fingertips

You dream it, we print it. Jordan, Anjelica, Michael and Silvana are here to make your vision a reality.

LeveyArt is the sublime digital wallcoverings and custom design surface solution. We bring your vision together at your fingertips and ensure excellence from design conception through local manufacturing to ultimate delivery and installation onsite. Our digital solutions experts work with you to take your ideas and make them wall and surface reality.

Contract Digital Wallcovering

Visit the LeveyArt Digital Site

Levey Trend Series: Architectural Lines

Levey Trend Series Architectural Lines

architectural lines

create distinctive compositions within a built space. Through the manipulation of materials, light and shadow, architectural aesthetics are shaped and formed creating buildings that are cultural symbols and works of art. This aesthetic is the inspiration for our upcoming architectural collection of digital wallcoverings from LeveyArt Digital.

See the LeveyArt Digital page

Digital Custom Wallcovering from Levey Industries

Digital Custom Wallcovering from Levey Industries

Digital Custom Wallcovering from Levey Industries

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where trends become classics.

Levey Trend Series: Shou Sugi Ban

shou sugi ban inspired wallcovering

shou sugi ban

the innovative building material, inspired by Japanese architecture, is being used increasingly in areas susceptible to fluctuating climate. Its resistance to fire, rot, mildew and mold, as well as its natural tendency to repel insects, is the latest inspiration for our full line of natural wood grains, wood-inspired vinyl wallcoverings, and custom digital wood prints.

corcho vinyl wallcovering

Corcho Vinyl Wallcovering

sanfoot wood veneer wallcovering

SanFoot Wood Veneer

custom digital wallcovering

Custom Digital Wallcovering

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