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Custom Wallcovering at Calgary Winter Club

The Calgary Winter Club Custom Wallcovering, LEVEY
The Calgary Winter Club Custom Wallcovering from LEVEYart

The Calgary Winter Club is a premiere private sport and social club that provides programs and facilities to its members families to develop physical and social growth. To improve health and social connection for members, the interior of the club was renovated in Spring of 2021. The curling lounge, rentable amenity spaces, and a larger café with enhanced views to the curling rink were redesigned during this time. Pictured below is a rentable meeting space featuring a large-scale custom wallcovering designed and printed by LEVEYart.

The Calgary Winter Club Digital Wallcovering, LEVEY
The Calgary Winter Club Custom Wallcovering from LEVEYart

Working closely with the design team, our LEVEYart department created the wallcovering in a graffiti style with high contrast; exhibiting what the club has to offer on a Class A fire rated wallcovering that is easy to clean between bookings. While we can colour match to any paint sample, Pantone colour number, or other physical sample you can provide us with, a monochromatic colour scheme can be just as bold and inviting.

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LEVEYart Design Development

We know that starting a wallcovering design from scratch can be intimidating especially when there are infinite possibilities. When there’s colours, scale, and substrates to consider it can be challenging to know where to start… that’s what our digital experts are here for! Keep reading to see how our project process is as easy as 1‐2‐3.

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Healthy Wall Systems: Designing for a Safer, Cleaner Environment

Healthy Wall Systems, LEVEY PVC Free Glass Fibre Wallcoverings

Innovative and Creative Interior Design Solutions

LEVEY helps you select and customize health conscious wall solutions that enhance interior spaces in terms of indoor air quality, safety and sustainability. Beneficial for the inhabitants and the environment, our systems are customizable combinations of high-quality LEED/WELL compliant interior surface products and installation procedures. Continue reading Healthy Wall Systems: Designing for a Safer, Cleaner Environment

“Fall” in Love with SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcoverings


Highlighted by the Fall Season

SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcoverings
Walnut Flat Cut – Random Match

Become Inspired by Nature

The colors of turning leaves come to mind when designing for the Fall. The season features rich hues ranging from brown to orange. With an unparalleled natural beauty combined with practical, hard-wearing finishes, LEVEY’s SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcovering is the ideal choice for your autumn-inspired interior design.

Bring your interiors to life by mixing patterns and layering textures through custom inlays, block patterns, digital prints or your choice of wood cut and species. All available exclusively at LEVEY!

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Customize Your Surface Design

LEVEYart Digital

Making your ideas into wall and surface reality

LeveyArt Digital Custom Wallcovering
You Dream It… We Design It.

Digitally printed film and vinyl produced at our facility. LEVEYart is here for you, to aid in creating sublime digital wallcoverings and custom designed surface solutions.

  • Wide selection of digitally printable media
  • Consultive staff to aid you in bringing your vision to life
  • We handle your project on site from start to finish to ensure competitive turnaround times, and prices
  • Designed and printed exclusively in Canada

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