Levey Trend Series: The era of digital wallcovering

LeveyArt Digital Wallcovering Trend Series

the era of digital

LeveyArt is the sublime digital wallcoverings and custom design surface solution. We bring your vision together at your fingertips and ensure excellence from design conception to delivery and installation onsite. Whether you are choosing an existing design or creating an original with our digital solutions experts, we work with you to take your ideas and make them wall and surface reality. Because of the flexibility of digital, the possibilities are endless.

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Your Custom Pattern Awaits – LeveyArt Digital Wallcovering

LeveyArt, Your Custom Pattern Awaits

Has this ever happened to you?

You finally find that gorgeous pattern you’ve been searching for, but the colour doesn’t quite match the rest of your finishes. What do you do?

Our digital production wizards have the know-how to make your colour matching, pattern scaling, and design Feng-shui dreams come true, down to the very last detail. Want proof? Check out our latest custom pattern, inspired by our ever-popular Steam Trunk:

LeveyArt, Steam Trunk coordinates

Have paint chips or fabric samples to coordinate with? No problem!

It’s easy to mix and match to get just the right colour you’re looking for. We matched this deep blue with a custom taupe to highlight the natural contrast in our standard silk printable vinyl.

LeveyArt, a bigger bolder pattern

A bigger, bolder pattern is begging for attention? You got it!

Scale and size of well-loved patterns can be morphed and modified to get just the right kind of geometry, shown here at 1/2x the size of our standard Lucy in the Sky swatches.

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Levey Trend Series: The Simplicity of Wood Wallcovering

SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcovering

the simplicity of wood

drives our commitment to providing the best materials for your wood-inspired project. Grain, colour, and stain are easy to coordinate with our quality Sanfoot wood veneers, while our NSF-certified wood-inspired vinyls have the durability and aesthetic you need for your space to be as livable and breathable as possible.

Craftsman Wallcovering Simplicity of Wood Wallcovering

Craftsman Vinyl Wallcovering

Wenge Wallcovering Simplicity of Wood Wallcovering

Sanfoot Wood Veneer

Digital Wallcovering Simplicity of Wood Wallcovering

Custom Digital Ceiling Covering

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Have you heard? Digital Wallcovering is the new custom!

LeveyArt Digital is the new custom

It’s time to play by your own rules.

Featured in the Globe and Mail’s Decor section, this article expresses the benefits of the exciting world of digital design when applied to floor tiles.

Today’s major trend in all aspects of decorated walls is customization and personalization. It is one of the key change areas that an interior designer can influence from concept to completion. Designers want to tell their story through colour and print, and translate their vision to an audience through fine details and expressive textures. Our wide breadth of digital expertise and material selection allows us to accommodate any request without limitations. Check out some of our case studies below to see how we apply these digital trends to our premium wallcoverings.

LeveyArt Digital Wallcovering

A 3-D custom wood pattern was developed for a ceiling application spanning over 8,000 sq. feet. The graphic was developed and produced in-house on our durable, washable vinyl that keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.

LeveyArt Wallcovering

A sectioned marble graphic was chosen for a bar/lounge atmosphere to provide a visual passage for patrons to follow. The image had the colours, contrast and visual appeal to display a compelling presentation of the rock’s natural veins and cuts.

LeveyArt Wallcovering

Custom artwork was provided to be printed on premium vinyl for a children’s cafeteria to achieve a visually stimulating experience. Applied as a feature wall, a white stippled vinyl was chosen to give texture and provide a bright background for the vibrant, distinct colours to stand out on.