Wood Inspired Commercial Wallcoverings

When Nature Meets Vinyl Texture, patterning and colouration of natural wood is a desirable wall finish for which other materials such as commercial vinyl wallcovering and its sister product – 3M Di-Noc self-adhesive film – add diversity and numerous additional applications. For example, when bacteria resistance is a concern, such as in healthcare interiors, then… Continue reading Wood Inspired Commercial Wallcoverings

Resurface with 3M Di-Noc Architectural Finishes

Transform Your Interiors Refresh Your Space with Fully Stocked 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes Resurface, Don’t Replace Combine infinite creativity and fast turnaround from LEVEY’s 3M Di-Noc Architectural Finishes Quick Ship Collection. Our fully stocked architectural films are available for easy applications as we renovate to return to the indoor environment. Transform and customize your interior with versatile surfaces available in… Continue reading Resurface with 3M Di-Noc Architectural Finishes

LEVEY’s Role in the King Street Causeway!

Applying 3M Glass Finishes directly to glass, delivers the beauty, translucency and privacy of etched, cut, sandblasted or texturized decorative glass at a fraction of the price, while saving time and money. 3M Glass Finish films can be used to transform existing surfaces quickly and easily. And when your space is ready for a fresh look, simply replace the film with a new pattern or… Continue reading LEVEY’s Role in the King Street Causeway!

NEW! 3M Di-Noc Matte Collection

Explore a whole new world of design possibilities with the new Matte Series of 3M Di-Noc self-adhesive interior architectural films, and instead of replacing expensive fixtures and surfaces, resurface them in decorative metal, sophisticated stone or luxurious wood designs at a fraction of the installation time and cost. The new Matte Series utilizes the latest technologies available to present an array of highly… Continue reading NEW! 3M Di-Noc Matte Collection

LEVEY – Wallcovering and Architectural Finishes

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DiChroic Glass Film: Play With The Light

3M DiChroic glass films play with the light, reflecting and bouncing it to reveal a natural colour spectrum. The resulting effect is of true dichroic glass but at a fraction of the cost and installation time. 3M DiChroic glass film collection of high end decorative window films combines beauty, light and colour with extraordinary technology… Continue reading DiChroic Glass Film: Play With The Light

LEVEY Participates in Toronto’s Unique King Street Project

LEVEY AT THE UNVEILING OF THE KING STREET CAUSEWAY Last Friday, LEVEY celebrated the unveiling of the King Street Causeway after contributing 3M Dichroic Architectural Film for use in the construction of IBI Group’s inspirational and winning design. Located just west of the King and John intersection, in front of the TIFF Bell Lightbox you’ll… Continue reading LEVEY Participates in Toronto’s Unique King Street Project

NEW from LEVEY! 3M™ DI-NOC™ Exterior Finishes

3M™ DI-NOC™ Exterior Finishes Once again, LEVEY and 3M™ are providing the industry with the latest in surfacing with their 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes collection for both interiors and exteriors. While the entirety of the collection offers more than 800 patterns, the exterior products offer a simple, non-permanent solution to updating a building’s façade with 24… Continue reading NEW from LEVEY! 3M™ DI-NOC™ Exterior Finishes

153 New Trending Colours

153 New Colours 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes   These innovative, self-adhesive architectural films areconformable to a large variety of shapes, from curved walls to ceilings and bulkheads. Furniture, doors, and numerous substrates can be repurposed in over 900 styles. Finishes include natural woods, iridescent effects, stone, metallics…the options are endless. So go ahead, apply the… Continue reading 153 New Trending Colours