DiChroic Glass Film: Play With The Light

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3M DiChroic glass films play with the light, reflecting and bouncing it to reveal a natural colour spectrum. The resulting effect is of true dichroic glass but at a fraction of the cost and installation time.

3M DiChroic glass film collection of high end decorative window films combines beauty, light and colour with extraordinary technology to create a unique, affordable solution for interior glass surfaces. Designed to mimic the iridescent look of butterfly wings, these shimmering colour shifting films are made with premium materials and are available in warm and cool tones.

Influenced by its environment, the look of DiChroic glass film creates a dynamic visual experience by changing colour when viewed at different angles. With the ease of self adhesion, DiChroic films are an excellent choice for dressing interior glass surfaces such as glass partitions, windows and doors including the interior surface of exterior glass windows and walls.

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