WriteInfinity Dry Erase Paint from WriteWalls!

WriteInfinity Dry Erase Paint from WriteWalls

WriteInfinity Dry Erase Paint

WriteInfinity is a clear dry erase paint. With the ease of only one part (no mixing required) and one coat, create a writable and eraseable surface over your choice of any latex color. It will turn any painted surface into a dry erase canvas, ready for your ideas to flow infinitely.


  • Suitable for all presentation and writing needs especially in areas with open ceilings or unique, expansive collaborative venues
  • Perfect solution for healthcare, education, hospitality and corporate installations


  • Provides inifinite flexibility and superior cost efficiency
  • Easy single coat rolled application dries in 1 hour and cures in only 3 days
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Easy to erase
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • ASTM D2486 >15 000 scrub cycles and excellent stain removal
  • No Ghosting

VIDEO! WriteProjection-MAG60, the ultimate collaboration wall

WriteProjection-MAG60 video

Watch our WriteProjection-MAG60 video.

Create the ultimate surface for planning, collaboration and presentations with WriteProjection-MAG60 dry erase rolled wallcovering. Featuring an attractive low glare finish, the multifunctional WriteProjection-MAG60 allows for dry erase, projection and magnetic attachment all in one surface. Install horizontally to create a seamless writing surface that can be applied floor to ceiling, or framed with trim.


  • Non glare top film for projection
  • Magnetic receptive
  • Excellent performance surface for heavy duty writing
  • Flexible roll goods suitable for installation on curved walls and columns
  • Perfect solution for multi-functional spaces and corporate meeting room installations


  • Horizontal installation provides a seamless writing area across full walls and rooms
  • Floor to ceiling applications provide the ultimate presentation wall
  • Lightweight material provides ease of installation
  • All in one surface is cost effective for the most demanding wall spaces


  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Easy to maintain
  • Guaranteed not to delaminate or yellow over time
  • Durable polyester facing (does not ghost)
  • Lightweight for a minimal carbon footprint

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LEVEY: The Dry Erase People

The Dry Erase People, Levey Industries

The Dry Erase People, Levey Industries

Canada’s only full-service dry erase distributor since 1995

All of our dry erase brands:

✔ Have a 10-year warranty

✔ Have magnetic options

✔ Are commercial grade

The Dry Erase People, Levey Industries

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Clear (select your custom colour base paint) or white dry erase paint…rolled on for a seamless finish.

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Dry erase roll goods in a durable, non-ghosting polyester finish.

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Dry erase roll goods include self-adhesive options and a full range of accessories.

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Levey Trend Series: Collaborative Workspaces

LeveyArt Dry Erase Trend Series

collaborative workspaces

are the most immersive way designers can work together to problem solve. In fast-paced, rapidly changing environments, dry erasable writing surfaces provide the space needed to think, innovate, and connect. Realize your creative potential with our complete product line of dry erase vinyls and liquids, and let your ideas speak for themselves.

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Levey The Dry Erase People

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Unlimited Dry Erase Options, Levey Industries

IdeaPaint logoIdeaPaint is a premium dry erase paint with a 10-year warranty, proven on the walls of some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies. Propelling the space program at NASA, driving the mind giants at Google, and giving Apple the boundless space to dream a little bigger than most. IdeaPaint is more than a tool; we enable off-site thinking on site. Day in, day out, it’s a catalyst for working better.

WriteWalls logoWith a full product range of dry erase options, our mission is to bring your creativity to life with WriteWalls. Our 10-year warranty comes with the full range of multi-use products that ensure your total satisfaction when brainstorming and presenting big ideas.

• WriteWalls offers the latest dry erase technology
• 60” magnetic dry erase
• Digitally-printed magnetic system

everwalls logoeverWalls is an easy-to-install quickship collection of 3 most popular dry erase wallcovering and accessories, all covered by a 10-year limited warranty. It is vastly superior and competitively priced to any dry erase vinyl wallcovering available on the market today. Suitable for all collaborative writing needs and the perfect solution for healthcare, education, hospitality and corporate installations.

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Dry Erase, Levey Industries

With a full product range of dry erase options, our mission is to bring your professional presentations and collaborative brainstorming to life with products that celebrate imagination and expression. Our full collection of dry erase products aim to provide outstanding quality, performance, and selection that suit any communication style.

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