WriteInfinity Dry Erase Paint from WriteWalls!

WriteInfinity Dry Erase Paint

WriteInfinity is a clear dry erase paint. With the ease of only one part (no mixing required) and one coat, create a writable and eraseable surface over your choice of any latex color. It will turn any painted surface into a dry erase canvas, ready for your ideas to flow infinitely.


  • Suitable for all presentation and writing needs especially in areas with open ceilings or unique, expansive collaborative venues
  • Perfect solution for healthcare, education, hospitality and corporate installations


  • Provides inifinite flexibility and superior cost efficiency
  • Easy single coat rolled application dries in 1 hour and cures in only 3 days
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Easy to erase
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • ASTM D2486 >15 000 scrub cycles and excellent stain removal
  • No Ghosting