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Marteau Wallcovering, available in 22 glimmering colour variations

Captivating and dazzling, with a modern, metalized linen finish – Marteau is a charismatic and opulent wallcovering design choice. Exclusively from LEVEY.

Available in 22 shimmering colourways, Marteau plays with the light and surrounding colours to harmonize with any design space – a truly dynamic addition to our DeNovo Wall collection of Type II commercial vinyl wallcoverings.

With it’s unique mylar construction, Marteau is as functional as it is beautiful – offering added durability for high-traffic applications where added durability and wall protection is necessary.

Passes the high fire safety standards of ASTM E-84 and more…
Check out our technical documents to learn about “Breathe Free” micro-venting; a process designed to help control unwanted moisture, as well as information on recommended primers,
adhesives, and installation instructions.

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Nature-Inspired New Pattern: Winter Sky Wallcovering

Winter SKy Wallcovering
18 Colourways for Your Intricate Design

Presented in a variety of neutral shades, Winter Sky’s measured colour options create a relaxed and refined environment.

The new series is held to the highest safety standards required for public spaces, and is Class A fire rated in accordance with ASTM E-84 (CAN ULC S102.2 compliant).

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Winter Sky, Colour: Tidal Pool

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Deep In Thought

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: World View

Winter Sky, Colour: Apple Butter

Winter Sky, Colour: Paper Doll

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Dark Hue-Mor

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Chakra Stone

Winter Sky, Colour: Grenache

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Seattle Sunrise

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Harbor Seal

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Top Shelf

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Morning Glory

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Rosemary and Thyme

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Beauty Sleep

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Freshwater Pearl

Winter Sky Wallcovering, Colour: Winter Chill

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EXOTICALLY REFINED: Pawleys Island Wallcovering

Pawley's Island Wallcovering
Let LEVEY’s New Wallcovering Solutions bring Character to Your Surface Innovation

Pawleys Island is one of the two newest releases from DeNovo. Showcasing a unique exotic blend, the pattern is refined in an over-sized botanical print.

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Pawley's Island, Colour: Surf & Sand

Pawley's Island Wallcovering, Colour: Breeze
Pawley's Island Wallcovering, Colour: Grand Strand

Pawley's Island, Colour: Garden Gate

Pawley's Island Wallcovering, Colour: Egret

Pawley's Island, Colour: Beach Front

Pawley's Island Wallcovering, Colour: Oyster Bar

NEW Pattern Alert: Commercial Wallcovering for Your Design

Aqua-Clear Protected Wallcovering
Let LEVEY’s New Wallcovering Solutions bring Character to Your Surface Innovation

Commercial Wallcovering: The Latest Trends are Here!

Discover a new way of creative expression through LEVEY’s latest Vinyl Wallcovering Releases. Stay on trend and get inspired by our exclusive interior solutions for commercial wallcovering!

Our quality products are suitable for all commercial applications including:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Retail
  • and More!

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Pawley's Island Wallcovering from LEVEY

Carpenty Wallcovering from LEVEY
Winter Sky Wallcovering from LEVEY
Millwork Wallcovering from LEVEY
Koto Wallcovering from LEVEY
Planks Wallcovering from LEVEY
Fiji Wallcovering from LEVEY
Bruges Linen Wallcovering from LEVEY

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