Digital Wallcovering: Laureate

LEVEY Digital Wallcovering Laureate
From LEVEYart Digital: LAUREATE

Designed by LEVEY, one of our newest digital patterns LAUREATE, is now available for use in your interior. There are no limitations to where and how this pattern can be used, as it is infinitely scalable AND available in 40 different colours.

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LEVEYart Digital LAUREATE Wallcovering

Aesthetically, the abstract flow created with curvilinear and horizontal lines maintains the clean design of this reception area while providing an accent of colour. When considering function, the glass fibre material (decoveil) is also scrubbable, breathable and impact resistant to ensure a long life cycle.

The new series isĀ held to the highest safety standards required for public spaces, and is Class A fire rated in accordance with ASTM E-84 (CAN ULC S102.2 compliant).

LAUREATE Wallcovering 1

LAUREATE Wallcovering 2

LAUREATE Wallcovering 3

LAUREATE Wallcovering 4

LAUREATE Wallcovering 5

LAUREATE Wallcovering 6

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