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LeveyArt Digital Custom Wallcovering
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Digitally printed film and vinyl produced at our facility. LEVEYart is here for you, to aid in creating sublime digital wallcoverings and custom designed surface solutions.

  • Wide selection of digitally printable media
  • Consultive staff to aid you in bringing your vision to life
  • We handle your project on site from start to finish to ensure competitive turnaround times, and prices
  • Designed and printed exclusively in Canada


LEVEYart Digital

Optimus Flair Wallcovering

Laureate Wallcovering

Kaleidoscope Wallcovering

Optimus Wallcovering

Flair Corsair Wallcovering

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Wood Inspired Commercial Wallcoverings


When Nature Meets Vinyl
Texture, patterning and colouration of natural wood is a desirable wall finish for which other materials such as commercial vinyl wallcovering and its sister product – 3M Di-Noc self-adhesive film – add diversity and numerous additional applications. For example, when bacteria resistance is a concern, such as in healthcare interiors, then a wood inspired wallcovering that can be cleaned with commercial cleaners is an excellent option. LEVEY offers multiple wood patterned wallcoverings that maintain the aesthetic beauty and textural qualities of natural wood.

Timber Wallcovering

Millwork Wallcovering

Craftsman Wallcovering

Planks Wallcovering

Digital Wood Grain Wallcovering

Carpentry Wallcovering

Endless Creative Selections
Apart from providing an interior-exterior connection, wood inspired vinyl wallcoverings and films can be incorporated into and enhance any design style. From white washed to ebony and exotic to domestic species, designers can find a wood inspired wallcovering that can be successfully integrated into most spaces. The sublime option is to design a custom pattern that can be digitally printed onto a variety of textured media. LEVEY prides itself in turning your wood defined vision into a wallcovering reality.

LeveyArt Custom Digital Wallcovering
Custom Designed Wallcovering for the Omni Charlotte Hotel, North Carolina

Above, we feature a custom accent wood grain vinyl wallcovering that was digitally printed, in collaboration with Moncur Design Associates Inc. LEVEYart Digital created a product that complimented the space visually and functionally.

Learn more from the case study here.

Durable & Cleanable
Whether a custom, digital or stock product is chosen, the surface will be enhanced with these benefits:
• Anti-microbial, resists bacteria growth
• Scrubbable & cleanable
• Allows for the use of commercial disinfectants
• Durable material that is abrasion resistant
• Designed for high-traffic commercial settings

High traffic, medical rooms, hotel lobbies; the high durability and easy cleanability of our commercial wallcovering allow for endless possible uses.

Planks Sun Deck Wallcovering
Wood Inspired Office Design

Cost Saving Measures
The properties of vinyl wallcovering allow it to be used in diverse applications, making it imminently suitable and budget friendly in challenging spaces. For instance, some 3M Di-Noc Film products are designed to be used for exterior applications, providing a wood look that is weather resistant.

Where wood designs in wall finishes are desired, vinyl wallcovering can offer significant economies of scale. Where project budgets are limited; wood patterned wallcovering is a practical solution that does not compromise aesthetics.

LEVEY also has several wood look, quick ship wallcovering options that can save you time. These products are locally stocked and can ship to you within 48 hours. You can also take advantage of our free shipping offer by ordering directly online at SHOP LEVEY.


Simple, Fast and Convenient

Unlimited Creativity with Fast Turnaround Time

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Versatile New Pattern: Millwork Wallcovering

Millwork Wallcovering

Millwork is a mosaic of plain sawn wood grains. Featuring a subtle texture lightly tipped with touches of sheen, Millwork crosses the boundary between rural and urban in an effortless manner.

FREE Samples

Millwork Wallcovering, Colour: Timber

Millwork Wallcovering, Colour: Sun Deck

Millwork, Colour: White Wash

Millwork, Colour: The Pier

Millwork, Colour: Haze

Millwork Wallcovering, Colour: Shadow

Millwork Wallcovering, Colour: Optic White

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Timeless New Pattern: Bruges Linen Wallcovering

Bruges Linen Wallcovering
15 Colourways for Your Creative Design

With an extensive collection of colourways – that ranges from soft tinted neutrals and earth hues to medium washed accent tones – of natural, bona fide looking linen, Bruges Linen blends seamlessly into its environment.

The new series is held to the highest safety standards required for public spaces, and is Class A fire rated in accordance with ASTM E-84 (CAN ULC S102.2 compliant).

FREE Samples

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Rust

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Burlap

Bruges Linen, Colour: Sterling

Bruges Linen, Colour: Glacier

Bruges Linen, Colour: Greige

Sun Deck Wallcovering, Colour: Wheat

Bruges Linen, Colour: Flannel

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Stonewash

Bruges Linen, Colour: Dove

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Snow

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Rose

Bruges Linen, Colour: Taupe

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Buff

Bruges Linen, Colour: Rush

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Ivory

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Impactful Wood Walls: Planks Wallcovering

Planks Wallcovering

Planks is a simple shiplap wood cladding which becomes a style statement. Featuring a subtle texture and muted palette of worn, weathered horizontal definition, Planks provides intensity and realistic woodworking characteristics to the composition.

FREE Samples

Planks Wallcovering, Colour: Sun Deck

Planks Wallcovering, Colour: Haze

Planks, Colour: Plank Slate

Planks, Colour: White Wash

Planks, Colour: The Pier
Planks Wallcovering, Colour: Timber

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Sophisticated New Wallcovering Pattern: Koto

Koto Wallcovering
TEXTURAL ELEGANCE: Koto Wallcovering

Sophistication meets subtlety with our newest release from the Command Wallcovering collection: Koto. Starting with a subtle horizontal textured print effect, Koto is deeply embossed with a fine vertical fibre pattern that is three dimensional and finished with an accent tip print.

FREE Samples

Koto, Colour: Boubon

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Snow

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Fog

Koto, Colour: Brindle

Koto, Colour: Indigo

Koto, Colour: Brick

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Taupe

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Pearl

Koto, Colour: Stone

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Cool Grey

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Accented New Wallcovering Pattern: Fiji

Fiji Wallcovering

Fiji was developed from a sample of broad reed grass fibres. This nature inspired pattern combines intricate background textures and prominent grass cloth embossing to create a stunning array of natural and accent possibilities.

FREE Samples

Fiji, Colour: Surf & Sand

Fiji Wallcovering, Colour: Platinum

Fiji Wallcovering, Colour: Greige

Fiji, Colour: Rattan

Fiji Wallcovering, Colour: Azure

Fiji, Colour: Burlap

Fiji Wallcovering, Colour: Shell

Fiji Wallcovering, Colour: Beach

Fiji Wallcovering, Colour: Snow

Fiji Wallcovering, Colour: Oyster

Fiji Wallcovering, Colour: Taupe

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