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Marteau Wallcovering, available in 22 glimmering colour variations

Captivating and dazzling, with a modern, metalized linen finish – Marteau is a charismatic and opulent wallcovering design choice. Exclusively from LEVEY.

Available in 22 shimmering colourways, Marteau plays with the light and surrounding colours to harmonize with any design space – a truly dynamic addition to our DeNovo Wall collection of Type II commercial vinyl wallcoverings.

With it’s unique mylar construction, Marteau is as functional as it is beautiful – offering added durability for high-traffic applications where added durability and wall protection is necessary.

Passes the high fire safety standards of ASTM E-84 and more…
Check out our technical documents to learn about “Breathe Free” micro-venting; a process designed to help control unwanted moisture, as well as information on recommended primers,
adhesives, and installation instructions.

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Versatile New Pattern: Millwork Wallcovering

Millwork Wallcovering

Millwork is a mosaic of plain sawn wood grains. Featuring a subtle texture lightly tipped with touches of sheen, Millwork crosses the boundary between rural and urban in an effortless manner.

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Millwork Wallcovering, Colour: Timber

Millwork Wallcovering, Colour: Sun Deck

Millwork, Colour: White Wash

Millwork, Colour: The Pier

Millwork, Colour: Haze

Millwork Wallcovering, Colour: Shadow

Millwork Wallcovering, Colour: Optic White

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Timeless New Pattern: Bruges Linen Wallcovering

Bruges Linen Wallcovering
15 Colourways for Your Creative Design

With an extensive collection of colourways – that ranges from soft tinted neutrals and earth hues to medium washed accent tones – of natural, bona fide looking linen, Bruges Linen blends seamlessly into its environment.

The new series is held to the highest safety standards required for public spaces, and is Class A fire rated in accordance with ASTM E-84 (CAN ULC S102.2 compliant).

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Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Rust

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Burlap

Bruges Linen, Colour: Sterling

Bruges Linen, Colour: Glacier

Bruges Linen, Colour: Greige

Sun Deck Wallcovering, Colour: Wheat

Bruges Linen, Colour: Flannel

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Stonewash

Bruges Linen, Colour: Dove

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Snow

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Rose

Bruges Linen, Colour: Taupe

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Buff

Bruges Linen, Colour: Rush

Bruges Linen Wallcovering, Colour: Ivory

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Impactful Wood Walls: Planks Wallcovering

Planks Wallcovering

Planks is a simple shiplap wood cladding which becomes a style statement. Featuring a subtle texture and muted palette of worn, weathered horizontal definition, Planks provides intensity and realistic woodworking characteristics to the composition.

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Planks Wallcovering, Colour: Sun Deck

Planks Wallcovering, Colour: Haze

Planks, Colour: Plank Slate

Planks, Colour: White Wash

Planks, Colour: The Pier
Planks Wallcovering, Colour: Timber

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Sophisticated New Wallcovering Pattern: Koto

Koto Wallcovering
TEXTURAL ELEGANCE: Koto Wallcovering

Sophistication meets subtlety with our newest release from the Command Wallcovering collection: Koto. Starting with a subtle horizontal textured print effect, Koto is deeply embossed with a fine vertical fibre pattern that is three dimensional and finished with an accent tip print.

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Koto, Colour: Boubon

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Snow

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Fog

Koto, Colour: Brindle

Koto, Colour: Indigo

Koto, Colour: Brick

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Taupe

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Pearl

Koto, Colour: Stone

Koto Wallcovering, Colour: Cool Grey

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