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Charade Wallcovering

Amazing Organized Labyrinth

Composed of self-similar geometry, Charade wallcovering is a modern interpretation of fractal composition. Evolving symmetries and droplets of contrasting colour are bordered by accented hues and metallics, harmonizing the positive and negative space in this organized labyrinth.

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Corcho: Natural inspiration for your contract walls

Corcho Wallcovering DeNovo Wall
Corcho Wallcovering DeNovo Wall

In your library now, our latest DeNovo Wall introduction…

Corcho: a soft, textual nuance of cork layers with a high performance aesthetic, creating a wall with instant impact. Browse our perfect palette of 18 whites, neutrals and rich deep colours that reflect the elements of shimmering flint, satin bark, mica and metal… A natural choice for your contract walls.

Durable, washable, easy-to-install, 54″ Type II vinyl wallcovering

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