LEVEYart Digital…Infinitely Scalable EXOTIC FLAIR

LEVEYart Digital Wallcovering, Pattern: Exotic Flair

Did you know that our LEVEYart digital wallcoverings can be infinitely scaled? A recent installation of Exotic Flair in a visual effects studio office took advantage of that quality and scaled the standard by 5x. The increase in scale created a dramatic feature wall and allowed for the pattern to be seen from any point in the office.

Contrasting Pattern and Texture

Playing off of the foliage in the office, the wallcovering contrasts with the existing concrete structure and ductwork to enhance a natural aesthetic.

Pattern: Exotic Flair

Exotic Flair is available in 11 colourways to inspire your project or to act as a starting point for a custom foliage design.

Exotic Flair DG-EX-FL-09 , LEVEY Wallcoverings

Exotic Flair DG-EX-FL-03 , LEVEY Wallcoverings

Exotic Flair DG-EX-FL-04, LEVEY Wallcoverings

Exotic Flair DG-EX-FL-05, LEVEY Wallcovering

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