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Product code #: DN2-CAP-08
Pattern name: Cappi
Brand: DeNovo
Type: Wallcovering, Wood, Paint, etc.


Command Wallcovering Logo Levey Industries

Learn more about the inspirations behind many of our Command vinyl wallcovering patterns.

Available in eighteen colourways, Apollo was an archer, known to shoot with a silver bow and arrow. The angular lines reflect the precision of his bow and provides vertical visual flow.



With subtly woven horizontal stripes and a hint of shimmer, Argonne Silk beautifully mimics the luxurious weave of silk fabric. Available in an eighteen colour array of warm and cool neutrals.

Like the intricate and organized layout of pavement stone, Artech is a strong linear pattern with a subtle geometric layer. Comprised of an eight colour palette, Artech features cool neutrals, and tasteful accent colours.



Artemis was an archer. Angular lines in the Artemis pattern reflect her precision with a bow and arrow. Their subtley reflects the protector that is Artemis.

Cannes was developed from a handwoven raw silk textile which has a subtle blocking effect. The three-dimensional embossed technique is extremely realistic, having slubs and soft woven yarns as found in the warp and weft of a hand loom.

Available in an upbeat, modern range of 13 colour variations, Cavita is a visually captivating pattern that comes in metallics-on-mattes, and mattes-on-mattes. This inspiring pattern is guaranteed to bring a unique synergy to any design project.



Chenille is an interpretation of a multicoloured chenille textile, simulating the different layers of texture found in cut velvet fabrics. The colour palette ranges from pure whites, soft earthy tints to dramatic accents with metallic bling.



Brought to you in a palette of 18 colour variations, Jacquard Weave is a versatile solution that lends itself to new design projects, and renovation type projects alike.



A strong linear texture with the look of pure steel, King's Guard is comprised of an eighteen colour palette. Featuring warm neutrals and bold accent colours.



An organic woven texture similar to cloth textile and a slight luster when it catches the light allows for Mandalay to encapsulate a natural feel with a luxurious twist. Available in a stylish selection of eighteen colourways.



Finely tactile, and finished with the faintest of sheen - the minimalistic Microfiber is a soft, subtle design choice that will set the stage for any space. Brought to you in a palette of 18 colour variations.

This edgy pattern features an abundance of random slashes much like crackling found in broken ice or shattered glass. Nagana is available in a neutral palette of fourteen colours.

Rain features an abundance of minuscule metallic dashes evocative of backlit, perpetually falling water. This commercial grade wallcovering is available in a selection of eighteen colourways.



Shooting Star: A subtle, embossed background with shimmering vertical lines that stand out like a shooting star in the night sky set this pattern apart from the rest. Available in twelve colourways.

Sienna was developed by simulating a three-dimensional embossed effect with a print. Deeply sculptural and textured, Sienna is coloured in soft tinted earth hues inspired by the Tuscan landscape.

Spring utilizes the colours of the season. Available in twelve colourways; all featured in an enchanting horizontal, natural pattern, along with the durability of Type II vinyl wallcoverings.



An intricate weave of beautiful subtleties, Uberweave vinyl wallcovering is comprised of an eighteen colour palette. Featuring warm neutrals, cool greys, and bursting accent colours.



Available in a luxe palette of 18 design-friendly neutrals and modern pops of colour, VIP Linen is a versatile addition to our Command Collection of Type II commercial vinyl wallcoverings.



Wanderlust is a tour de force in design. Created by overlapping watercolour layers, it conveys the feeling of a soft ripple in calm waters. Wanderlust is a horizontal design, colored in delicate neutrals to deep accents.

Featuring an imperfect gridlike pattern, Weft's balance of sophistication and subtle quirkiness creates an inviting atmosphere. Available in a sixteen colour palette consisting of neutrals and bright pops of colour.