LEVEY Red Wallcovering Takes Centre Stage in Canadian Actor’s Toronto Home

LEVEY Red Takes Centre Stage in Canadian Actor Canadian actor Yannick Bisson’s Toronto Home

Canadian actor Yannick Bisson commissioned Eric McClelland of Fleur-de-lis Interior Design Inc to bring the vision he had for his Toronto family home to life.

LEVEY Red Wallcovering in Canadian Actor Canadian actor Yannick Bisson’s Toronto HomeIn a design space that is full of modern elements and clean lines, it’s easy to unintentionally create an environment that comes across as cold, unwelcoming, and even intimidating. To combat this, natural elements were incorporated into the design of the Murdoch Mystery star’s residence such as the use of walnut baseboards and warm, wood, wall panels – these wood tones succeeded in bringing aspects of outdoor nature to the interior design space, achieving a sense of comfort. Furthermore, a bright red wallcovering supplied by Levey featuring a diminutive organic texture warms up the overall atmosphere while simultaneously delivering a lively punch of colour to an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

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SanFoot Walnut Wood Veneer Wallcovering from LEVEY

Bring the outdoors in, by way of our SanFoot Natural Wood Veneers – a collection of natural wood veneers prefinished with two coats of polyurethane that install just like any other commercial wallcovering without the need of specialized tools or procedures. This sustainably produced collection of domestic and exotic wood species is carefully sourced from responsibly managed forests and manufactured using a patented log slicing process – which slices the veneer to a very thin state so as to increase log yield up to 300% in comparison to traditional wood veneer production methods. Choose from a wide variety of real wood species, “AA” architectural-grade veneers, cuts and colours allowing for the versatile integration of wood tones for use in residential and commercial applications including corporate, hospitality, retail, healthcare and entertainment venues.

Red Wallcoverings from LEVEY

Attain the perfect amount of warmth with a vibrant accent colour such as Mix This in Candy Rouge, Anassa in Well Red or Via in Barn Red. Mix This from our York Design Gallery collection in Candy Rouge is a perfectly vibrant candy apple red featuring horizontal grooves and multi toned lineal etches. Richly textured, Anassa from our Denovo Wall collection in Well Red is a tactile way to incorporate a warm, punchy red that is sure to be the star of the show. For a more subdued red, one might opt for Via in Barn Red from our collection of Command Wallcoverings – this rich red is comprised of varying red tones in organic vertical striations.

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