How to Retrofit Your Office for a Return to Work

How to Retrofit Your Office for a Return to Work

Learn about COVID-19 Preventions using Physical Barriers and Shields

As we prepare to return to the office, health and safety will be top of mind. Creating a physical separation offers peace of mind, visual privacy, and acoustic comfort.

Here at Levey, we are proud to introduce Snowsound as your retrofit solution for a safe return to work.


  1. SAFETY: Repurposing for COVID-19 Prevention
  2. PERFORMANCE: Enhanced Work Experience
  3. DESIGN: Versatility and Aesthetics

SAFETY: Repurposing for COVID-19 Prevention

Repurposing for COVID-19 Prevention
Baffle Oversized (left), Minimal and Mitesco (right)

Snowsound dividers and partitions come in a range of heights and applications — from desk mounted to mobile — to provide the physical separation and shield from germs necessary to help employees feel safe returning to work.

Our dividers and partitions deliver:

  • Physical Separation
  • Protection from Germs
  • Visual Privacy
  • Easy Cleanability
  • Repurpose
  • Superior, Patented Acoustic Performance

Freed from concern for their health, your work teams can focus on results.

In today’s agile work environment, focus privacy is key, and visual and acoustic privacy makes focus possible.

Find your solution from this catalogue of our dividers and partitions for healthy workstations.

PERFORMANCE: Enhanced Work Experience

Enhanced Work-Experience
Cubby (left), Flat (right)

Snowsound helps decrease distractions and boost productivity, meaning workers solve complex problems or brainstorm brave new futures more efficiently.

“Sound is not simply what we hear or play, but equally a feeling in the body.”

– Howard Snell


On average, a worker is 66% LESS productive in a noisy environment. Having superior acoustics can enhance your work experience through:

  • Increased engagement, morale and retention
  • Better customer and recruitment experience
  • Improved overall employee health and wellness

Snowsound provides an enhanced communication experience in your office. Freed from excess reverberation and noise, people are less anxious, less distracted, and able to perform at their best.

DESIGN: Versatility and Aesthetics

Versatility and Aesthetics.jpg
Flap and Flap wings (left), Botanica (right)

With Snowsound, architects, designers and end users can make acoustical solutions a key element in their space.

Our acoustic panels are conceived by world renowned designers, pairing high design with unparalleled patented acoustic technology and consultative software.

Not only does Snowsound create a more comfortable acoustic environment, but it also enhances the aesthetics of any given space.

To ensure flexibility in design and your ease of installation, we provide architects and interior designers with:

  • Broad selections of color, shape and size
  • Wide range of application and mounting possibilities
  • Free acoustic analysis tailored to your design

As Snowsound’s exclusive Canadian provider, Levey is here to support your design to prepare for a safe and healthy return to work. Let us aid you in achieving your creativity and requirements!

To learn more about Snowsound and how it can better help enhance your design’s functionality and aesthetics, visit our product page or book a consultation with Levey today.