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Grey Crossword Vinyl Commercial Wallcovering *Pattern Shown is CROSSWORD from York Design Gallery

Levey Proudly Supports IDC in Their Quest for Empathy, Invention + Iteration in Design

We look forward to connecting with you at upcoming IDC events. Look for us at the 2018 IDC / IIDA Leaders Breakfast at IDC Design Symposium on Tuesday, September 18th where we’re enthused to be a sponsor, honouring Victoria Horobin of Toronto firm KBH Interior Design Inc and joining Keynote speaker Janice Kaplan – journalist, TV Producer and distinguished author of many best selling novels including The Gratitude Diaries with introduction by Silvana Turner Levey, CEO.

Our National Partnership with Interior Designers of Canada shows our support for the interior design profession within Canada and IDC’s mission to advance the profession of interior design across Canada and internationally.

Grey Levey Wallcoverings, IDC National Partner

LEVEY Art Digital in Architect @ Work

Glass Textile Wallcovering, Wood Veneer Wallcovering and Window Film from LeveyArt Digital
LEVEY Art Digital has proudly exhibited at this year’s ARCHITECT@WORK Show in Toronto, Canada

Levey Industries
FINAL Press Release

LEVEY Art Digital has proudly exhibited at this year’s ARCHITECT@WORK Show in Toronto, Canada. This was an unprecedented North American opportunity to promote our innovative line of wallcovering and architectural finishes featuring impressive custom designs printed on environmentally-friendly substrates.

With an exclusive, inspiring format, LEVEY Art Digital sources and delivers wallcovering options that are truly green, natural and durable. As a business leader, we go beyond compliance to create new innovative standards for the wallcovering industry. And, we never sacrifice the originality and  beauty of the product in the printing process.

On display at the ARCHITECT@WORK Show, LEVEY Art Digital proudly presented three exceptional cutting-edge architectural finishes. This includes our Glass Textile Wall Treatments. Brilliantly printed digitally on glass fibre, these durable textiles are fabricated from natural silica sand, a sustainable resource.  This Optimus print can be scaled to virtually any size to seamlessly cover even the grandest of areas. With notable high quality durability, usage is ideal for high-traffic applications including those that may require regular cleaning and scrubbing. Featuring patented ‘Clean Air’ technology, these coverings eliminate up to fifty percent (50%) of formaldehyde through absorption and permanently trapping this harmful airborne compound.

Equally impressive are Wood Veneer Wall Finishes that can be digitally printed upon. These AA grade architectural wood veneers are domestic and exotic wood species from around-the-world.  Employing environmentally-conscious practices and using a patented log slicing process that increases log yield by up to three hundred percent (300%) as compared to traditional veneer production methods, this technology is proprietary. And worth noting: these wallcoverings are ‘Class A’ fire-rated in accordance with CAN/ULC S102.2 fire safety standards.

And finally, our Linen Window Film is a refreshing, self-adhesive transparent fabric that can be installed seamlessly on any type, shape or size of glass or non-porous, hard surface allowing a viewer to see out;  albeit, outsiders cannot see in. Digitally printed to our exact state-of-the-art  specifications, the Linen Window Film is currently available in fine, carefully curated colours to complement any interior design. This architectural treatment offers endless visual opportunities for commercial installations.

Silvana Levey, President and CEO, Levey Wallcoverings and Architectural Finishes
Silvana Levey, President and CEO at this year’s l ARCHITECT@WORK Show in Toronto, Canada

Since 1995, the parent company LEVEY INDUSTRIES has been celebrated as a leader in commercial wallcovering and architectural finishes. Offering only the best quality brands of exclusive wall finishes, LEVEY INDUSTRIES has a reputation for perfection in style, performance and dedication to providing sustainable, renewable products while delivering the latest trends in décor. We go above and beyond our client’s expectations with our many modern digital art options to re-imagine creative designs and expectations.

For further information, please contact: Jessica Moore at 905.829.8000 or marketing@leveyindustries.com or visit us at www.LEVEY.com