Your Custom Pattern Awaits – LeveyArt Digital Wallcovering

LeveyArt, Your Custom Pattern Awaits

Has this ever happened to you?

You finally find that gorgeous pattern you’ve been searching for, but the colour doesn’t quite match the rest of your finishes. What do you do?

Our digital production wizards have the know-how to make your colour matching, pattern scaling, and design Feng-shui dreams come true, down to the very last detail. Want proof? Check out our latest custom pattern, inspired by our ever-popular Steam Trunk:

LeveyArt, Steam Trunk coordinates

Have paint chips or fabric samples to coordinate with? No problem!

It’s easy to mix and match to get just the right colour you’re looking for. We matched this deep blue with a custom taupe to highlight the natural contrast in our standard silk printable vinyl.

LeveyArt, a bigger bolder pattern

A bigger, bolder pattern is begging for attention? You got it!

Scale and size of well-loved patterns can be morphed and modified to get just the right kind of geometry, shown here at 1/2x the size of our standard Lucy in the Sky swatches.

Ask us how we can make your digital dreams come true!