Sustainability Assured: Wallcovering You Can Feel Good Specifying

NSF Sustainability Assured: Wallcovering
Sustainability Assured: Wallcovering You Can Feel Good Specifying

NSFCertifiedWith high sustainability standards, LEVEY is committed to being at the forefront of innovation and offering sustainable solutions to the architecture and design community. Our commitment to providing sustainable solutions to the architecture and design community is why we’re proud to be the only independent Canadian wallcovering distributor recognized by the Wallcoverings Association to achieve the NSF/ANSI 342 certification*. Every so often, you may see our ‘NSF certified’ badge displayed in association with LEVEY products, whether it be on our tipcards in your firm’s library, or on our website, but what does this certification mean?

In 2008, the Wallcoverings Association set out to create a standard that would drive continual improvement in environmental sustainability, as well as social responsibility. The NSF / ANSI 342 Sustainability assessment is touted as the foremost sustainability standard by which to evaluate and certify sustainability of wallcovering products across their entire product life cycle. NSF Sustainability Standards allows for full transparency regarding conformance requirements, and for architects and designers to be able to verify and distinguish the environmental claims of our products with the intention of making more meaningful marketplace comparisons.

Criteria for Certification:

This sustainability standard was developed through a consensus-based process that involves manufacturers, suppliers, regulatory agencies, end users and other industry participants, this national standard is effective in establishing a consistent approach to wallcovering manufacturing and distribution processes that are sustainable and environmentally considerate. NSF / ANSI 342 requires relevant criteria across product lifecycles from raw material extraction through manufacturing, distribution, use and end-of-life management – meaning that both manufacturer and distributor must qualify to the sustainability criteria to be able to display NSF / ANSI 342 badges.
Certification is obtained only through compliance by manufacturer and distributor. In order to attain our NSF / ANSI 342 certification, LEVEY as a distributor had to meet the following criteria in order to show that we are taking action to ensure the way we manage and distribute product is sustainable in the long run:

  • Corporate governance to show that that we are working toward being constantly sustainable going forward
  • Product distribution that seeks to be more environmentally friendly
  • Recycling support
  • Waste minimization showing that we seek to waste as little product as possible after the initial sale

Benefits for Architects and Designers:

The Wallcoverings Association NSF / ANSI 342 sustainability standard gives designers and architects a means of easily identifying and comparing sustainable wallcovering products and meeting client’s potential sustainability standards. It also allows for designers and architects to make meaningful marketplace comparisons and identify companies committed to advancing sustainability.
How To Specify NSF / ANSI 342 Wallcovering:
To make it easy for you specify products that are held to high sustainability standards, our vast selection of vinyl wallcovering can be filtered to patterns that are held to the high standards of NSF / ANSI 342. Using our advanced wallcovering search, you can Click here to browse our collections today.

*Dated April 2019