LEVEYart Design Development

We know that starting a wallcovering design from scratch can be intimidating especially when there are infinite possibilities. When there’s colours, scale, and substrates to consider it can be challenging to know where to start… that’s what our digital experts are here for! Keep reading to see how our project process is as easy as 1‐2‐3.

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NEW Aperture Wallcovering Collection

The Aperture Wallcovering Series Has Arrived, LEVEY Wallcoverings

Soft and Subtle Texture Meets Geometric Design

Offering a view of the future, the Aperture series leads the newest wallcovering designs with this 3 pattern collection. As a twin to the texture of a finely woven Irish linen, Aperture, Aperture Geo and Aperture Texture maintain a consistent three-dimensional effect. The artistic arrangements of the triangles create a variety of visual nuance when viewed from both near and far.

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LEVEYart Digital…Infinitely Scalable EXOTIC FLAIR

LEVEYart Digital Wallcovering, Pattern: Exotic Flair

Did you know that our LEVEYart digital wallcoverings can be infinitely scaled? A recent installation of Exotic Flair in a visual effects studio office took advantage of that quality and scaled the standard by 5x. The increase in scale created a dramatic feature wall and allowed for the pattern to be seen from any point in the office.

Contrasting Pattern and Texture

Playing off of the foliage in the office, the wallcovering contrasts with the existing concrete structure and ductwork to enhance a natural aesthetic.

Pattern: Exotic Flair
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Healthy Wall Systems: Designing for a Safer, Cleaner Environment

Healthy Wall Systems, LEVEY PVC Free Glass Fibre Wallcoverings

Innovative and Creative Interior Design Solutions

LEVEY helps you select and customize health conscious wall solutions that enhance interior spaces in terms of indoor air quality, safety and sustainability. Beneficial for the inhabitants and the environment, our systems are customizable combinations of high-quality LEED/WELL compliant interior surface products and installation procedures. Continue reading Healthy Wall Systems: Designing for a Safer, Cleaner Environment

PVC Free Glass Fibre Wallcoverings

LEVEY PVC Free Glass Fibre Wallcoverings

Functional, Stylish and Environmentally Friendly

Offering highly functional stylish wallcoverings for numerous venues – hotels, offices, surgery rooms, schools etc. – Novelio Nature is a range of elegant glass fibre wallcoverings.

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