Levey Trend Series: The era of digital wallcovering

LeveyArt Digital Wallcovering Trend Series

the era of digital

LeveyArt is the sublime digital wallcoverings and custom design surface solution. We bring your vision together at your fingertips and ensure excellence from design conception to delivery and installation onsite. Whether you are choosing an existing design or creating an original with our digital solutions experts, we work with you to take your ideas and make them wall and surface reality. Because of the flexibility of digital, the possibilities are endless.

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Levey Trend Series: Collaborative Workspaces

LeveyArt Dry Erase Trend Series

collaborative workspaces

are the most immersive way designers can work together to problem solve. In fast-paced, rapidly changing environments, dry erasable writing surfaces provide the space needed to think, innovate, and connect. Realize your creative potential with our complete product line of dry erase vinyls and liquids, and let your ideas speak for themselves.

dry erase wallcovering and paint

Levey The Dry Erase People

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Levey Trend Series: The Beauty of Geometry

The Beauty of Geometry, Inspired Wallcovering

the beauty of geometry

is the organizational tool behind our structurally-inspired wallcovering patterns. Naturally occurring shapes are transformed into modern design classics, giving us a complete collection of organic metonyms. Unique colourways ranging from dynamic, showstopping hues to muted, complimentary neutrals are sure to have a place in your next architecturally-inspired project.

Shima Trellis Wallcovering

Shima Trellis Vinyl Wallcovering

Charade Wallcovering

Charade Vinyl Wallcovering

Steam Trunk Wallcovering

Steam Trunk Vinyl Wallcovering

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where trends become classics.

Levey Trend Series: Concrete & Granite

Concrete and Granite Wallcoverings

concrete & granite

define the rough, industrial shift being seen in many workplaces of today, paying homage to the historical dialogue between modern design and traditional industrial materials. Their rustic aesthetic translates to some of our most durable, dependable wallcoverings yet – timeless, classic patterns that offer the perfect backdrop to any colour or finish.

Masonry Vinyl Wallcovering

Masonry Vinyl Wallcovering

Hard Rock Vinyl Wallcovering

Hard Rock Vinyl Wallcovering

Saltworks Vinyl Wallcovering

Saltworks Vinyl Wallcovering

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where trends become classics.

Levey Trend Series: The Simplicity of Wood Wallcovering

SanFoot Wood Veneer Wallcovering

the simplicity of wood

drives our commitment to providing the best materials for your wood-inspired project. Grain, colour, and stain are easy to coordinate with our quality Sanfoot wood veneers, while our NSF-certified wood-inspired vinyls have the durability and aesthetic you need for your space to be as livable and breathable as possible.

Craftsman Wallcovering Simplicity of Wood Wallcovering

Craftsman Vinyl Wallcovering

Wenge Wallcovering Simplicity of Wood Wallcovering

Sanfoot Wood Veneer

Digital Wallcovering Simplicity of Wood Wallcovering

Custom Digital Ceiling Covering

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